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151 "John Aldridg, the sone of George Aldridg and Katheren his wiffe was borne the (2) (2) 1644." Aldrich, John (I15139)
152 "John Aldridge & Sarah Leach were maried by Deacon Willis of Bridgewater the 31st October, 1678" Family F1103
153 "John Merredeth" received a land patent dated 25 April, 1873 for 80 acres in Sanilac County (Homestead Cert. No. 218, Application 320).

By 1900 John is operating a saw mill in Riverside Township, Missaukee County, Michigan. 
Meredith, John (I25574)
154 "John Parker Junior was married to Mary Jones the daughter of Lieut Samuell Jones on the eleventh day of December in the year of our lord 1690" Family F1715
155 "John Parker the son of John Parker born October 6 1667" Parker, John Jr. (I22595)
156 "John Parmele of Guilford testifyeth upon oath, taken before Mr. Bisbrowe, the first of November, 1647, that he bought a pare of shooes wch came from Goodman Meges of Newhaven, russet, clossed in the insides at the side seames, and that wearing them but 6 dayes, or 7 dayes at the most, the soales ripped from the uper leathers." Parmelee, John (I22437)
157 "John Stannard their son was born 24th day of August 1694" Stannard, John (I22568)
158 "John Townesend the son of Martin & Abigall Townesend dyed the last of September" Townsend, John (I25045)
159 "Jonathan born the 10 of Aprill 1685" Bushnell, Jonathan (I22391)
160 "Jonathan Hayward, his cart being laden wth wood oversetting pinched his body against a tree whereof after a day or two hee dyed, Anno, 89." Hayward, Jonathan (I15049)
161 "Joseph Aldridg & Patience Ozbourne were married the 12 mo. 26, by Capt. Tory of Weymouth." Family F2321
162 "Joseph of Needham and Widow Elizabeth Hill." Family F726
163 "Joseph Pratt and Sarah Chapman were married each to other in September 1686" Family F1521
164 "Joseph Pratt father to these children dyed August 12th 1703" Pratt, Joseph (I25255)
165 "Joseph Stanard & Hannah Brackett was married each to other in Boston 4th day of Aprill 1692" Family F1698
166 "Joseph Stannard died ye 17th day of April 1703" Stannard, Joseph (I22564)
167 "Joseph Swoboda" received a land patent for 80 acres in Leelanau County dated 30 July 1875. This parcel was the W1/2 of the NW1/4, Sec. 21, Cleveland Township (Homestead Certificate no. 2158, Application 3834). Svoboda, Jozef (I294)
168 "Joseph their son was born May ye 12th 1693" Stannard, Joseph (I22567)
169 "Joseph, the Son of Joseph and Annis Morse" seems to be a confusion in the record for John's wife Annis. Morse, Joseph (I10197)
170 "Judith born the 14 September 1679" Bushnell, Judith (I22390)
171 "Lieut William Bushnell dyed 12th of November 1683" Bushnell, William (I22402)
172 "Lieut. James Bate died March 13, 1732, in his 70th year." Bate, James Lieut. (I22787)
173 "Lost his life by fall from World's Fair Building at St. Louis, MO" (from grave marker in Maplewood Cemetery in Lamont, MI). Family story says his mother wanted him to quit high-rise construction. Grant said to have promised his mother that the St. Louis job would be his last!! Grant died from a fall from a World's Fair building (Mines / Metalurgy Building) in St. Louis, MO. Supposedly, there is mention in the museum at the base of the Arch in Saint Louis of the fact that he was the only one to have died during the construction of that building along with the name of another man who died during the construction of the Arch. 7/94 The St. Louis World's Fair opened April 20, 1903, in celebration of the one hundreth anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. Friz, Grant Z. (I797)
174 "Lost in hurricane at Nevis" Comstock, Thomas (I66304)
175 "Luna Townsen" wife of Hiram. Page, Luna (I24994)
176 "Lydia White [twin], d. Joseph and Lydia, Dec 17, 1662" (weymouth MA VRs., 1:342) White, Lydia (I13158)
177 "Machtelt Van de Linden, wife of Albert Saurasky, but left us after having only once communed, and returned to the Lutherans, whose faith she had formerly forsaken - which has been put down as a cliff in the sea, that others seeing this might not be wrecked in their faith."

-dismissal from the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen (Jersey City), New Jersey 
Van der Linde, Machteltje (I33587)
178 "Mahitabell" was deceased when administration of her mother, Abigail's, estate was granted in November of 1720. Burr, Mahitabel (I55478)
179 "March 11, 1666, Cornelis Cortenszen, j.m. (young man not before married) van N. Breuckelen en Marrytje Jacobs van der Grift, j.d. (young maid not before married) van N. Yorke." Family F2779
180 "Margery Thayre dyed the 12 mo. 11th. 1672" (Recorded in 1672)
"Margery Thayer the wife of Thomas Thayer died 13 of the 12 month 1672" (This apparently recorded about 1680) 
Wheeler, Margery (I15492)
181 "Marriage of Alexander Chalker he was married to Katern Post the 27th of September 1649 " Family F1670
182 "Martaine Townesend & Abigall trayne Joyned in Marryage the 16 of Aprill [1668]" Family F1981
183 "Mary Chalker born the 27th of Apprill 1653" Chalker, Mary (I23576)
184 "Mary Chapin, age 84" White, Mary (I11037)
185 "Mary Combs widdow" Family F2472
186 "Mary Deeringe the wiffe of Samuel Deeringe dyed the 5th mo. 1, 1657" Ray, Mary (I22354)
187 "Mary the wiffe of John Randall, dyed 6th mo. 28, 66, their daughter Mary dyed 7th mo. '66." Mary (I21816)
188 "Mary wife of Jacob drowned." Mary (I23403)
189 "Mary, the daughter of John & Mary Sanders, was born November the 8th, 1716"

Needham was split off from Dedham about 1717 and the family probably did not move, just the town border was defined.

The transcribed records at Needham are somewhat in error as they show sons Israel and John were both born in 1723, an obvious impossiblity. 
Sanders, Mary (I26899)
190 "Mary, widow of Thomas" Hill, Mary (I11073)
191 "Mary, wife of William Heath of Ware" Crampthorne, Mary (I35240)
192 "Mattithiah Aldridg, the daughter of George Aldridg and Katheren his wiffe was borne the 5th mo. 10th 1656." Aldrich, Mattithiah (I26904)
193 "Mehitable his daughter was born May 15th 1697 and deceased March the 1st 1697-8" Chapman, Mehetabel (I22297)
194 "Melatiah the sonne(sic) of Thomas Snow and Milcah his wife was borne 30 (7) 1638." Snow, Meletiah (I14824)
195 "Mercy Aldridg, the daughter of Georg Aldridg, and Katheren his wiffe was borne the (17) (4) 1650." Aldrich, Mercy (I12501)
196 "Meredith, Sy, worked at the power plant and Piqua Handle Company."
Thompsonville, A History; by Bryce N. Gibbs (1976) 
Meredith, Cyrus (Silas) E. Jr. (I1432)
197 "Mergrett wife of George Bullard" Margaret (I13033)
198 "Middle of September" Bushnell, Samuel (I22385)
199 "Milcha Snow, daughter of Thomas Snow of Boston" Family F993
200 "Miriam Aldridg the daughter of Georg Aldridg and Katheren his wiffe dyed the 1 mo. 10th. 1651." Aldrich, Miriam (I27409)

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