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Tree: Bryant
State/Province : Latitude: 42.9885764, Longitude: -75.893554


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Friz, Maria M.  1820New York I838 Bryant 
52 Fulton, Amelia Lois  1839New York I40343 Bryant 
53 Gifford, Hannah  Apr 1823New York I48743 Bryant 
54 Gildersleeve, Mary  Abt 1720New York I26077 Bryant 
55 Gregory, Bradley  1816New York I834 Bryant 
56 Haight, Sarah  Abt 1678New York I26060 Bryant 
57 Hanes, Jacob Henry  Abt 1813New York I48749 Bryant 
58 Harrison, Calvin  1831New York I26344 Bryant 
59 Harrison, Charlotte  21 Aug 1829New York I44010 Bryant 
60 Harrison, Courtland  Abt 1827New York I26343 Bryant 
61 Harrison, Emeline Elizabeth  06 Mar 1821New York I44607 Bryant 
62 Heath, Abby A.  Abt 1831New York I1288 Bryant 
63 Heath, Adeline  Abt 1837New York I44106 Bryant 
64 Heath, Albert  1826New York I47102 Bryant 
65 Heath, Elizabeth C.  Abt Sep 1828New York I1501 Bryant 
66 Heath, Miranda  1832New York I1670 Bryant 
67 Hoag, Caroline  22 Apr 1798New York I49899 Bryant 
68 Horn, Caroline Augustine  06 Jul 1820New York I29524 Bryant 
69 Horn, Hannah  08 Dec 1818New York I55236 Bryant 
70 Horn, William  Abt 25 Sep 1822New York I58611 Bryant 
71 Houghton, William H.  24 Nov 1857New York I59886 Bryant 
72 Howe, Louisa  1830New York I26966 Bryant 
73 Knapp, Mary  Abt 1766New York I25619 Bryant 
74 Kreisler, Catharina  1770New York I47577 Bryant 
75 Kreisler, Rebecca  28 Oct 1800New York I47604 Bryant 
76 Kuhlmann\Kilmer, Abraham  Abt 1714New York I29043 Bryant 
77 Kuhlmann\Kilmer, Georg  Abt 1712New York I29042 Bryant 
78 Kuhlmann\Kilmer, Maria  Abt 1732New York I29048 Bryant 
79 Kuhn, Henrich  Abt 1704New York I25651 Bryant 
80 Kuhn, Philip  Abt 1745New York I48647 Bryant 
81 Laraway, Abram  Abt 01 Aug 1805New York I48296 Bryant 
82 Leman, Mary Jane  1833New York I47077 Bryant 
83 Lighthall, Magdalene  22 May 1776New York I30264 Bryant 
84 Linck, Anna Maria  Abt 1732New York I29036 Bryant 
85 Linck, Catherina  1723New York I29032 Bryant 
86 Linck, Celia Maria  1719New York I29030 Bryant 
87 Linck, Johann Nicholas  1716New York I29028 Bryant 
88 Linck, Maria Margaretha  1725New York I29033 Bryant 
89 Mattice, Margaret  15 Aug 1827New York I40324 Bryant 
90 McDowell, Arvilla  Abt 1825New York I28738 Bryant 
91 McIntyre, George W.  1798New York I57518 Bryant 
92 Merrow, Joseph M.  1798New York I65966 Bryant 
93 Messenger, Sarah  Abt 1649New York I65156 Bryant 
94 Moore, George W.  06 Jun 1820New York I10171 Bryant 
95 Morris, John F.  Between Jul 1820 and Oct 1820New York I1287 Bryant 
96 Nodine, Jeremiah Jr.  22 Dec 1818New York I21817 Bryant 
97 Oakley, Enos  1802New York I48295 Bryant 
98 Odell, Frances H.  1828New York I45314 Bryant 
99 Parker, Charles E.  1836New York I29500 Bryant 
100 Playford, Joseph  1840New York I25505 Bryant 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
51 Martin / Manck  Abt 1723New York F3255 Bryant 
52 McIntyre /   Abt 1825New York F3664 Bryant 
53 Minckeler / Kuhlmann\Kilmer  Abt 1755New York F2456 Bryant 
54 Ostrander / Horn  Abt 1831New York F3681 Bryant 
55 Park / Friz  Est 1834New York F152 Bryant 
56 Parker / Lewis  Aft Jun 1855New York F2467 Bryant 
57 Post /   Est 1843New York F3085 Bryant 
58 Post / Deuel\Devol  Est 1802New York F2277 Bryant 
59 Rauh / Kreisler  Abt 1750New York F3267 Bryant 
60 Ridgway / Horn  Abt 1837New York F2207 Bryant 
61 Schauer / Krčausler  Abt 1755New York F3307 Bryant 
62 Schneider / Kuhlmann\Kilmer  Est 1775New York F3413 Bryant 
63 Smith /   Abt 1762New York F2044 Bryant 
64 Thomas / Rogers  Est 1825New York F3071 Bryant 
65 Townsend / Armstrong  Abt Sep 1870New York F1935 Bryant 
66 Townsend / Delano  1875New York F1936 Bryant 
67 Townsend / Paddock  Abt 1819New York F1966 Bryant 
68 Townsend / Page  28 Sep 1848New York F1969 Bryant 
69 Townsend / Pardee  1822New York F346 Bryant 
70 Townsend / Parker  12 Mar 1792New York F344 Bryant 
71 Trom / Krčausler  Abt 1751New York F3306 Bryant 
72 Whittington / Bixby  Aug 1840New York F3316 Bryant 
73 Williams / Bouck  Est 1812New York F247 Bryant 
74 Williams / Mattice  Abt 1843New York F2872 Bryant 
75 Yanson / Bouck  Abt 1825New York F3216 Bryant 

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