Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.20712, Longitude: -71.0042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Albee, Hannah  16 Aug 1641Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14314 Bryant 
2 Albee, Lydia  Abt Apr 1642Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16211 Bryant 
3 Aldrich, Abel  27 Jan 1678Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26914 Bryant 
4 Aldrich, Experience  04 Sep 1641Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26909 Bryant 
5 Aldrich, Jacob  28 Feb 1653Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26629 Bryant 
6 Aldrich, Jacob  07 May 1676Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15042 Bryant 
7 Aldrich, John  02 Apr 1644Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15139 Bryant 
8 Aldrich, Mattithiah  10 Jul 1656Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26904 Bryant 
9 Aldrich, Mercy  17 Jun 1650Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12501 Bryant 
10 Aldrich, Peter  14 Apr 1648Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26903 Bryant 
11 Aldrich, Sarah  16 Jan 1646Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26902 Bryant 
12 Bass, John  26 Mar 1675Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32976 Bryant 
13 Bass, Mary  20 Apr 1672Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32981 Bryant 
14 Bass, Mehitable  18 Sep 1678Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32982 Bryant 
15 Bass, Samuel  20 Dec 1669Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32979 Bryant 
16 Bass, Sarah  26 Apr 1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17708 Bryant 
17 Baxter, Hannah  06 May 1660Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12565 Bryant 
18 Brackett, James  Abt 1646Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23507 Bryant 
19 Brackett, Josiah  08 Sep 1652Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23509 Bryant 
20 Brackett, Mary  12 May 1641Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23506 Bryant 
21 Brackett, Sarah  1655Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24299 Bryant 
22 Copeland, Lydia  31 May 1661Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13160 Bryant 
23 Darling, John  02 Sep 1664Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21804 Bryant 
24 Davol, John  24 Jun 1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I52963 Bryant 
25 Fisher, Mehitable  14 Mar 1678Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I22339 Bryant 
26 French, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1655Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I40866 Bryant 
27 George, Hannah  07 Sep 1648Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50372 Bryant 
28 George, John  24 Jun 1650Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50377 Bryant 
29 George, John  1653Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50379 Bryant 
30 George, Mary  07 Sep 1645Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50370 Bryant 
31 George, Peter  09 Jan 1654/55Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50380 Bryant 
32 George, Samuel  12 Apr 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50378 Bryant 
33 Harbour, Hester (Esther)  09 May 1663Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15038 Bryant 
34 Hayward, Samuel  01 Apr 1642Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15024 Bryant 
35 Hayward, William  1647Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15054 Bryant 
36 Holbrook, Joanna  30 May 1656Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6276 Bryant 
37 Holbrook, John  15 Oct 1653Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6275 Bryant 
38 Holbrook, Joseph  10 Apr 1660Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6278 Bryant 
39 Holbrook, Peter  07 Mar 1655Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6271 Bryant 
40 Holbrook, Susanna  31 Oct 1662Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6277 Bryant 
41 Hunter, John  18 Jul 1745Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I46964 Bryant 
42 Marsh, Mercy  12 Dec 1669Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32980 Bryant 
43 Neale, Elizabeth  28 Jun 1675Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32977 Bryant 
44 Rockett, John  01 Dec 1641Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11352 Bryant 
45 Rockwood, John  18 Aug 1663Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I22353 Bryant 
46 Thayer, David  20 Jan 1660Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27632 Bryant 
47 Thayer, Huldah  16 Jun 1657Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16521 Bryant 
48 Thayer, Jonathan  18 Mar 1658Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I40865 Bryant 
49 Thayer, Naomi  28 Feb 1662Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I45440 Bryant 
50 Thayer, Sarah  12 May 1654Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16520 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  01 Mar 1664Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14336 Bryant 
2 Anna or Hannah  07 Feb 1698Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17705 Bryant 
3 Mary  28 Aug 1666Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21816 Bryant 
4 Mary  15 Mar 1678Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I33020 Bryant 
5 Adams, Henry  Bef 06 Oct 1646Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10697 Bryant 
6 Adams, Joseph  06 Dec 1694Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10809 Bryant 
7 Alden, Ruth  12 Oct 1674Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12336 Bryant 
8 Aldrich, Experience  02 Feb 1642Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26909 Bryant 
9 Aldrich, Miriam  10 Mar 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27409 Bryant 
10 Barrett, Mary  02 Apr 1657Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26799 Bryant 
11 Bass, Hannah (Ann)  29 Jun 1704Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17604 Bryant 
12 Bass, John  12 Sep 1716Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12335 Bryant 
13 Bass, Mary  29 Jun 1704Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I25027 Bryant 
14 Bass, Mehitable  24 Jan 1679Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32982 Bryant 
15 Bass, Samuel Deacon  30 Dec 1694Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17503 Bryant 
16 Bass, Sarah  Sep 1739Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17708 Bryant 
17 Bass, Thomas  09 Jan 1720Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I32934 Bryant 
18 Baxter, Abigail  27 Aug 1692Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10810 Bryant 
19 Blower, Alice  03 Nov 1690Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23504 Bryant 
20 Brackett, James  08 Apr 1718Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23507 Bryant 
21 Brackett, Richard  03 Mar 1690Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23503 Bryant 
22 Crosby, Joseph  26 Nov 1695Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24300 Bryant 
23 Davol, John  Jul 1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I52963 Bryant 
24 Deering, Samuel  23 Sep 1671Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16892 Bryant 
25 George, John  09 Apr 1653Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50377 Bryant 
26 George, John  Abt 1654Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50379 Bryant 
27 George, Peter  Abt 1655Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50380 Bryant 
28 Hardier, Lydia  09 Mar 1713Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26751 Bryant 
29 Hayward, Jonathan  21 Nov 1689Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15049 Bryant 
30 Hayward, William  10 May 1659Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15047 Bryant 
31 Hayward, William  07 Dec 1717Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15054 Bryant 
32 Heath, Mary  07 Dec 1674Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I35247 Bryant 
33 Holbrook, Thomas  22 Jul 1697Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5886 Bryant 
34 Holbrook, Thomas  Dec 1728Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6273 Bryant 
35 Knight, Margery  18 Jul 1676Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15048 Bryant 
36 Lovell, Agnes  09 Jul 1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14334 Bryant 
37 Newcomb, Francis  27 May 1692Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17770 Bryant 
38 Paine, Stephen  29 Jul 1691Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17603 Bryant 
39 Parmenter, Robert  27 Jun 1696Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26747 Bryant 
40 Penniman, James  26 Dec 1664Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15528 Bryant 
41 Penniman, Joseph Deacon  05 Nov 1705Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12842 Bryant 
42 Priest, Deliverance  17 Jan 1723Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16534 Bryant 
43 Ray, Mary  01 Jul 1657Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I22354 Bryant 
44 Ray, Simon  30 Sep 1641Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50364 Bryant 
45 Rockett, Richard  06 Jul 1660Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11353 Bryant 
46 Sanders, John  28 Mar 1688/89Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26749 Bryant 
47 Sanders, Judith  07 Jul 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26748 Bryant 
48 Sanders, Leah  24 Mar 1707Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26745 Bryant 
49 Sanders, Martin  04 Aug 1658Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I25774 Bryant 
50 Sanders, Martin  04 Sep 1706Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26750 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Henry  08 Oct 1646Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10697 Bryant 
2 Brackett, Richard  03 Mar 1690Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23503 Bryant 
3 Holbrook, Thomas  20 Dec 1728Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6273 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 George, Sarah  04 May 1658Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I50381 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Penniman, Joseph Deacon  22 Nov 1705Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12842 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eliot, Francis  30 Oct 1677Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26744 Bryant 
2 Penniman, James  18 Dec 1664Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15528 Bryant 
3 Penniman, Joseph Deacon  11 Jul 1705Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12842 Bryant 
4 Thayer, Thomas  21 Jun 1664Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15491 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Fletcher  01 Nov 1655Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2570 Bryant 
2 / Fletcher  12 Nov 1661Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2572 Bryant 
3 / Newcombe  22 Nov 1693Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2882 Bryant 
4 Adams / Baxter  26 Nov 1650Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F607 Bryant 
5 Adams / Paine  17 Oct 1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F602 Bryant 
6 Aldrich / Leach  31 Oct 1678Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1103 Bryant 
7 Aldrich / Osborn  26 Feb 1661Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2321 Bryant 
8 Bass / Alden  03 Feb 1658Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F791 Bryant 
9 Bass / Bates  30 Nov 1680Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F926 Bryant 
10 Bass / Lee  21 Sep 1675Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F792 Bryant 
11 Bass / Marsh  29 Nov 1689Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2638 Bryant 
12 Bass / Neale  07 Mar 1694Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2637 Bryant 
13 Baxter / White  24 Nov 1659Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F794 Bryant 
14 Brackett / Bosworth  07 Aug 1661Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1925 Bryant 
15 Brackett / French  06 Sep 1661Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1700 Bryant 
16 Brackett / Marsh  1672Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1842 Bryant 
17 Crosby /   05 Oct 1693Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1930 Bryant 
18 Crosby / Brackett  15 Jul 1659Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1218 Bryant 
19 Crosby / Brackett  01 Jun 1675Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1928 Bryant 
20 Deering /   1647Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1251 Bryant 
21 Deering /   09 Dec 1658Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1252 Bryant 
22 Deering / Ray  05 Nov 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1250 Bryant 
23 George / Rowning  Abt 1642Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F3019 Bryant 
24 Hayward / Harbour  06 Jan 1692/93Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1050 Bryant 
25 Hayward / Thayer  06 May 1663Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1071 Bryant 
26 Paine / Bass  15 Nov 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1303 Bryant 
27 Parmenter / Sanders  13 Apr 1648Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2287 Bryant 
28 Penniman /   25 Sep 1666Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F853 Bryant 
29 Penniman / Bass  10 May 1693Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F854 Bryant 
30 Rockett / Adams  Bef 1646Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F473 Bryant 
31 Rockett / Ford  15 Sep 1662Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F707 Bryant 
32 Sanders / Hardier  01 Apr 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2290 Bryant 
33 Sanders / Mountjoy  09 Oct 1650Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2289 Bryant 
34 Sanders / Shepard  23 May 1654Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2113 Bryant 
35 Spear /   27 Apr 1675Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2692 Bryant 
36 Staple / Coles  30 Aug 1652Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1486 Bryant 
37 Thayer / Barrett  11 Mar 1653/54Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1129 Bryant 
38 Thayer / Hayward  14 Jan 1652/53Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F770 Bryant 
39 Thompson / Brackett  22 Jul 1662Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1841 Bryant 
40 Walsbee /   Bef 1651Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2643 Bryant 
41 Walsbee / Bass  24 Sep 1656Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2642 Bryant 
42 Wheatley / Sanders  1643Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2288 Bryant 
43 Willett / Holbrook  06 Mar 1693/94Braintree, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F410 Bryant 
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