Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut


Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 41.852781, Longitude: -72.64379

Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.852781, Longitude: -72.64379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dibble, Israel  29 Aug 1637Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29819 Bryant 
2 Rockwell, Sarah  24 Jul 1638Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I17126 L C Earle's Family 
3 Griswold, John  1639Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22020 Bryant 
4 Phelps, Timothy  01 Aug 1639Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25106 Bryant 
5 Buell, Samuel  02 Sep 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22663 Bryant 
6 Dibble, Ebenezer  Bef 26 Sep 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29823 Bryant 
7 Pinney, Nathaniel  Dec 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I23356 Bryant 
8 Griswold, Ann (Hannah)  Bef 10 Jun 1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22021 Bryant 
9 Dibble, Samuel  Bef 24 Mar 1643Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29826 Bryant 
10 Phelps, Mary  Mar 1644Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29861 Bryant 
11 Barber, Thomas  14 Jul 1644Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29862 Bryant 
12 Parkman, Samuel  12 Aug 1644Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I26606 Bryant 
13 Griswold, Mary  05 Oct 1644Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22022 Bryant 
14 Hoyt, Benjamin  02 Feb 1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25707 Bryant 
15 Dibble, Miriam  19 Feb 1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29830 Bryant 
16 Griswold, Deborah  Bef 28 Jun 1646Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22023 Bryant 
17 Griswold, Joseph  Mar 1647Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22024 Bryant 
18 Haight, Samuel  01 May 1647Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25488 Bryant 
19 Dibble, Thomas Jr.  03 Sep 1647Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29837 Bryant 
20 Hoyt, Jonathan  07 Jun 1649Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25605 Bryant 
21 Gaylord, Mary  10 Nov 1649Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22664 Bryant 
22 Griswold, Samuel  Bef 18 Nov 1649Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22025 Bryant 
23 Dibble, Joanna  01 Feb 1650Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29839 Bryant 
24 Saxton, John  04 Mar 1650Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22462 Bryant 
25 Hoyt, David  22 Apr 1651Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25711 Bryant 
26 Pond, Sarah  11 Feb 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25606 Bryant 
27 Hill, Lydia  18 Feb 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22455 Bryant 
28 Griswold, John  Bef 01 Aug 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22026 Bryant 
29 Hoyt, Daniel  10 Apr 1653Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25712 Bryant 
30 Hill, Mary  20 Sep 1654Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22456 Bryant 
31 Phelps, Timothy  26 Oct 1656Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I49630 Bryant 
32 Hill, Tahan  23 Nov 1659Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22383 Bryant 
33 Hill, Luke  06 Mar 1661Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22458 Bryant 
34 Hill, Abigail  16 Apr 1664Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22459 Bryant 
35 Gibbs, Hepsibah  12 Jan 1665Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29743 Bryant 
36 Hill, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22460 Bryant 
37 Gibbs, Experience  02 Dec 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I49674 Bryant 
38 Gibbs, Patience  02 Dec 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29744 Bryant 
39 Gibbs, Elizabeth  30 Jan 1668Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29745 Bryant 
40 Hill, John  28 Nov 1668Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22461 Bryant 
41 Bissell, Josiah  10 Oct 1670Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29787 Bryant 
42 Gibbs, Joanna  26 Mar 1671Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29746 Bryant 
43 Gibbs, Experience  04 Apr 1673Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29747 Bryant 
44 Gibbs, Benjamin  29 Apr 1675Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29722 Bryant 
45 Gibbs, Catherine  29 Apr 1675Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29749 Bryant 
46 Gibbs, Samuel  16 Apr 1677Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29750 Bryant 
47 Gibbs, Jonathan  16 Feb 1680Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29751 Bryant 
48 Gibbs, Miriam  02 Dec 1681Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29752 Bryant 
49 Marshall, Abigail  09 Jan 1687Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29723 Bryant 
50 Gibbs, Benjamin  23 Apr 1710Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29770 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rockwell, William  May 1640Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16890 L C Earle's Family 
2 Rockwell, William  May 1640Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16890 Bryant 
3 Wilton, Robert  11 Feb 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29852 Bryant 
4 Gibbs, Giles  May 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29726 Bryant 
5 Griswold, John  1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22020 Bryant 
6 Parkman, George  1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I26604 Bryant 
7 Randall, Phillury  29 Apr 1648Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I20449 Bryant 
8 Dibble, Joanna  1651Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29839 Bryant 
9 Griswold, Francis  02 Aug 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22045 Bryant 
10 Susanna  04 Jul 1655Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25493 Bryant 
11 Hoyt, Nicholas  07 Jul 1655Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25492 Bryant 
12 Hoyt, Daniel  15 Jul 1655Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25712 Bryant 
13 Phelps, Sarah  1659Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29810 Bryant 
14 Ensign, Sarah  23 Jun 1659Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22985 L C Earle's Family 
15 Carwithyn, Katherine  24 Oct 1660Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29727 Bryant 
16 Rockwell, John  10 May 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22586 Bryant 
17 Cade, Wilmot  Aft 12 May 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22587 Bryant 
18 Susanna  1664Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25496 Bryant 
19 Rockwell, Symon  22 Jun 1665Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22897 Bryant 
20 Capen, Susanna  13 Nov 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16888 L C Earle's Family 
21 Capen, Susanna  13 Nov 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16888 Bryant 
22 Gibbs, Experience  02 Dec 1666Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I49674 Bryant 
23 Phelps, Samuel  15 May 1669Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I23355 Bryant 
24 Griswold, Samuel  06 Jul 1672Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22025 Bryant 
25 Phelps, William  14 Jul 1672Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I25104 Bryant 
26 Rockwell, John  13 Sep 1673Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I17121 L C Earle's Family 
27 Wilton, David  05 Feb 1678Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29846 Bryant 
28 Grant, Matthew  16 Dec 1681Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I17026 L C Earle's Family 
29 Stanniford, Mary  04 Aug 1683Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29855 Bryant 
30 Wilton, Nicholas  04 Aug 1683Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29851 Bryant 
31 Pinney, Humphrey  20 Aug 1683Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I23357 Bryant 
32 Hull, Mary  18 Aug 1684Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I23358 Bryant 
33 Dover, Anne  30 Aug 1689Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29811 Bryant 
34 Randall, Abraham  21 Aug 1690Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I55474 Bryant 
35 Hinds, Elizabeth  1697Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I49093 Bryant 
36 Gillett, Jonathan Jr.  27 Feb 1698Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29831 Bryant 
37 Dibble, Hepsibah  28 Feb 1698Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29725 Bryant 
38 Dibble, Thomas  17 Oct 1700Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I39176 Bryant 
39 Bartlett, Hepzibah  07 Dec 1701Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29828 Bryant 
40 Griswold, George  03 Sep 1704Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22017 Bryant 
41 Dibble, Samuel  05 Jun 1709Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29826 Bryant 
42 Griswold, Ann (Hannah)  21 May 1714Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22021 Bryant 
43 Griswold, Sarah  06 Nov 1715Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22019 Bryant 
44 Griswold, Mary  27 Nov 1715Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22022 Bryant 
45 Griswold, Joseph  14 Nov 1716Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22024 Bryant 
46 Gibbs, Samuel  08 Feb 1719/20Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29724 Bryant 
47 Gibbs, Samuel  05 Sep 1758Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29750 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Rockwell, William  15 May 1640Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16890 L C Earle's Family 
2 Rockwell, William  15 May 1640Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I16890 Bryant 
3 Gibbs, Giles  21 May 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29726 Bryant 
4 Griswold, Mary  1715Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22022 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dibble, Hepsibah  25 Dec 1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29725 Bryant 
2 Pinney, Sarah  19 Nov 1648Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I23361 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hill, Luke  1669Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22453 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gibbs, Giles  18 May 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I29726 Bryant 
2 Rockwell, John  04 Apr 1661Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22586 Bryant 
3 Cade, Wilmot  12 May 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut I22587 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dibble / Ford  10 Nov 1635Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2483 Bryant 
2 Phelps / Randall  1637Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1451 Bryant 
3 / Tinker  Abt 1639Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2089 Bryant 
4 Randall /   01 Dec 1640Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F3648 Bryant 
5 Hull / Loomis  20 May 1641Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2522 Bryant 
6 Hoyt / St. John  Abt 1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2059 Bryant 
7 Baker / Rockwell  15 Nov 1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F133 L C Earle's Family 
8 Baker / Rockwell  15 Nov 1642Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1271 Bryant 
9 Joyce /   Abt 1644Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2056 Bryant 
10 / Capen  29 May 1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1248 Bryant 
11 Grant / Capen  29 May 1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F125 L C Earle's Family 
12 Phelps / Wilson  04 Jun 1645Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2515 Bryant 
13 Hoyt /   12 Jun 1646Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2053 Bryant 
14 Griswold / Wolcott  16 Oct 1646Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1042 Bryant 
15 Gaylord / Hull  04 Dec 1646Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1737 Bryant 
16 Watson / Rockwell  10 Dec 1646Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1766 Bryant 
17 Gaylord /   29 Apr 1648Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F142 L C Earle's Family 
18 Phelps /   17 Sep 1650Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2516 Bryant 
19 Phelps / Griswold  10 Nov 1650Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1547 Bryant 
20 Hill / Hoyt  06 May 1651Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1586 Bryant 
21 Rockwell / Ensign  06 May 1651Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F135 L C Earle's Family 
22 Marshall / Wilton  06 May 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2501 Bryant 
23 Huntington / Rockwell  07 Oct 1652Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F138 L C Earle's Family 
24 Griswold / Holcomb  03 Oct 1655Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1546 Bryant 
25 Wilton / Stanniford  20 Nov 1656Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2535 Bryant 
26 Gibbs / Androus  04 Dec 1657Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2488 Bryant 
27 Wade / Phelps  09 Jun 1658Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2517 Bryant 
28 Gaylord / Rockwell  22 Mar 1659Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F139 L C Earle's Family 
29 Rockwell / Norton  07 Apr 1660Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F137 L C Earle's Family 
30 Phelps / Newton  20 Sep 1660Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2518 Bryant 
31 Gillett /   23 Apr 1661Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2529 Bryant 
32 Dibble / Hull  28 Nov 1661Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2521 Bryant 
33 Share / Gibbs  05 Dec 1661Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2489 Bryant 
34 Phelps / Griswold  19 Mar 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1550 Bryant 
35 Rockwell / Hayes  18 Aug 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F136 L C Earle's Family 
36 Buell / Griswold  18 Nov 1662Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1551 Bryant 
37 Palmer /   17 Sep 1663Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2530 Bryant 
38 Dibble / Wakefield  27 Oct 1663Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2523 Bryant 
39 Barber / Phelps  17 Dec 1663Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2536 Bryant 
40 Gibbs / Dibble  15 Apr 1664Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2480 Bryant 
41 Haight / Noble  Abt 1667Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2049 Bryant 
42 Dibble / Bartlett  21 Jan 1668Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2526 Bryant 
43 Griswold / Gaylord  14 Jul 1670Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1552 Bryant 
44 Pinney / Griswold  21 Jul 1670Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1548 Bryant 
45 Dibble / Tucker  10 Oct 1676Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2531 Bryant 
46 Gillett / Dibble  14 Dec 1676Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2527 Bryant 
47 Phelps / Pinney  20 Dec 1676Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1815 Bryant 
48 Gibbs / Smith  Aft 1676Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2486 Bryant 
49 / Wakefield  28 Jun 1677Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F2524 Bryant 
50 Saxton / Hill  30 Jul 1677Windsor, Hartford Co, Connecticut F1635 Bryant 

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