Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.298924, Longitude: -72.465275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chapman, Charles  22 Jun 1774Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21952 Bryant 
2 Chapman, Charlotte  08 Jan 1809Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21942 Bryant 
3 Chapman, Chloe  Abt Aug 1766Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21949 Bryant 
4 Chapman, Edward  21 Jan 1782Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21954 Bryant 
5 Chapman, Electa Ann  02 Nov 1814Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21944 Bryant 
6 Chapman, Elizabeth  Dec 1769Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21950 Bryant 
7 Chapman, Henry  16 Jul 1777Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21953 Bryant 
8 Chapman, Mehetabel  Jan 1759Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21964 Bryant 
9 Chapman, Mehitable  03 Jul 1811Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21943 Bryant 
10 Chapman, Richard L.  22 Apr 1772Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21951 Bryant 
11 Chapman, Susan Mariah  11 Sep 1817Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I5679 Bryant 
12 Chapman, Timothy  22 Nov 1779Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21911 Bryant 
13 Chapman, Timothy  20 Nov 1819Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21945 Bryant 
14 Jones, Abigail "Nabby"  Bef 10 Nov 1782Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22487 Bryant 
15 Jones, Asa  Abt 1789Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22488 Bryant 
16 Jones, Charlotte  Abt 1789Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21912 Bryant 
17 Jones, Hitty  Oct 1787Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22490 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abigail  10 Sep 1807Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I50545 Bryant 
2 Bushnell, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1824Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21947 Bryant 
3 Bushnell, William Jr.  17 Mar 1762Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23115 Bryant 
4 Chapman, Caleb C.  01 Oct 1797Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21946 Bryant 
5 Chapman, Charles  05 Nov 1844Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21952 Bryant 
6 Chapman, Charlotte  09 Jul 1833Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21942 Bryant 
7 Chapman, Chloe  Jun 1775Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21949 Bryant 
8 Chapman, Deborah  04 Jun 1775Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21958 Bryant 
9 Chapman, Edward  09 Feb 1837Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21954 Bryant 
10 Chapman, Jedediah  10 Feb 1764Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22289 Bryant 
11 Chapman, Richard L.  Sep 1850Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21951 Bryant 
12 Chapman, Sarah  08 Jun 1841Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21960 Bryant 
13 Dowd, Mary  20 May 1802Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I50542 Bryant 
14 Grinnell, Beulah  17 Jul 1805Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I50544 Bryant 
15 Jones, Benjamin  1809?Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23845 Bryant 
16 Jones, Ephraim  28 Feb 1796Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22491 Bryant 
17 Jones, Zebulon  03 Apr 1826Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22500 Bryant 
18 Lay, Nancy  05 Aug 1833Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23008 Bryant 
19 Post, Benjamin  03 May 1825Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23430 Bryant 
20 Post, Christopher  20 May 1816Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23180 Bryant 
21 Post, Keturah  15 Feb 1764Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I50541 Bryant 
22 Post, Phebe  03 Apr 1766Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21948 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jones, Augustus  12 Oct 1783Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22489 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Chapman / Bushnell  05 Jan 1769Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1482 Bryant 
2 Chapman / Jones  22 Oct 1806Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F335 Bryant 
3 Chapman / Kelsey  01 Sep 1812Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1498 Bryant 
4 Chapman / Kirtland  05 Jun 1723Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1563 Bryant 
5 Chapman / Lay  18 Jan 1801Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1497 Bryant 
6 Chapman / Lee  02 Nov 1778Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1505 Bryant 
7 Chapman / Post  18 Nov 1764Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1492 Bryant 
8 Denison / Chapman  22 Nov 1774Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1506 Bryant 
9 Dibble / Chapman  30 Dec 1789Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1495 Bryant 
10 Divall / Jones  19 Jan 1767Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1654 Bryant 
11 Jones / Bates  16 Mar 1726/27Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1485 Bryant 
12 Jones / Chapman  10 Dec 1777Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1483 Bryant 
13 Jones / Dowd  30 Jan 1765Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1649 Bryant 
14 Jones / Grinnell  21 Apr 1768Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1652 Bryant 
15 Jones / Post  21 Dec 1758Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1648 Bryant 
16 Kelsey / Jones  28 Dec 1763Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1650 Bryant 
17 Platts / Chapman  31 Jan 1770Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1503 Bryant 
18 Post / Chapman  01 Jan 1767Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1504 Bryant 
19 Post / Chapman  02 Jan 1770Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1502 Bryant 
20 Post / Jones  16 Jul 1766Westbrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1651 Bryant 
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