Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts


Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 41.84252, Longitude: -71.242217

Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.84252, Longitude: -71.242217


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Abell, Caleb  Abt 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I17293 Bryant 
2 Allen, Isaac  17 Aug 1642Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I20083 Bryant 
3 Bowen, Hannah  03 May 1665Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55195 Bryant 
4 Bowen, Isaac  30 Sep 1674Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55199 Bryant 
5 Bowen, Isaac  03 Nov 1695Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50764 Bryant 
6 Bowen, Joseph  26 Jun 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55193 Bryant 
7 Bowen, Josiah  01 Oct 1691Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I47757 Bryant 
8 Bowen, Lydia  23 Apr 1666Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52862 Bryant 
9 Bowen, Marcy  18 Mar 1671/72Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55197 Bryant 
10 Bowen, Marcy  1700Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50766 Bryant 
11 Bowen, Mary  18 Jan 1651/52Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52867 Bryant 
12 Bowen, Mary  30 Nov 1693Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50763 Bryant 
13 Bowen, Obediah Jr.  18 Sep 1651Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50488 Bryant 
14 Bowen, Samuel  16 Jul 1659Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55190 Bryant 
15 Bowen, Sarah  06 Nov 1654Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55187 Bryant 
16 Bowen, Stephen  16 Jan 1697Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50765 Bryant 
17 Bowen, Thomas  03 Aug 1664Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50552 Bryant 
18 Brown, John Capt.  13 May 1685Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I19338 Bryant 
19 Brown, Rebecca  09 Nov 1746Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44195 Bryant 
20 Bullock, Abigail  29 Aug 1657Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50487 Bryant 
21 Bullock, Althea  14 Apr 1712Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44210 Bryant 
22 Bullock, Anna  20 Feb 1721/22Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44260 Bryant 
23 Bullock, Daniel  07 Jan 1684Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50498 Bryant 
24 Bullock, David  25 May 1740Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52006 Bryant 
25 Bullock, Elizabeth  09 Oct 1650Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50483 Bryant 
26 Bullock, Hannah  04 Jan 1730/31Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51967 Bryant 
27 Bullock, Hopestill  26 Dec 1659Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50489 Bryant 
28 Bullock, Israel  15 Jul 1661Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50491 Bryant 
29 Bullock, Israel  09 Apr 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50501 Bryant 
30 Bullock, John  19 May 1664Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I24548 Bryant 
31 Bullock, Lydia  28 Dec 1737Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52005 Bryant 
32 Bullock, Marcy  13 Mar 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50492 Bryant 
33 Bullock, Mary  16 Feb 1651/52Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50485 Bryant 
34 Bullock, Mary  05 Oct 1674Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44264 Bryant 
35 Bullock, Mehitable  04 Apr 1655Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I14252 Bryant 
36 Bullock, Patience  16 Apr 1746?Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52008 Bryant 
37 Bullock, Rachel  23 Jun 1742Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52007 Bryant 
38 Bullock, Richard  15 Mar 1666/67Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50493 Bryant 
39 Bullock, Richard  01 Jul 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50502 Bryant 
40 Bullock, Samuel  07 Nov 1683Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44241 Bryant 
41 Bullock, Seth  26 Sep 1693Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50504 Bryant 
42 Bullock, Stephen  10 Oct 1735Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52004 Bryant 
43 Bullock, Thankful  27 Jun 1681Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50496 Bryant 
44 Bullock, William  29 Apr 1716Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44259 Bryant 
45 Butterworth, John  07 May 1679Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44472 Bryant 
46 Butterworth, Mary  20 Oct 1677Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I18570 Bryant 
47 Butterworth, Mercy  22 Jan 1662/63Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41549 Bryant 
48 Capron, Elizabeth (Betsey)  22 Oct 1684Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I19337 Bryant 
49 Carpenter, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1699/0Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44485 Bryant 
50 Daggett, Ann  Aug 1653Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I53016 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1675Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52864 Bryant 
2 Rachel  Bef 1656Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51768 Bryant 
3 Abell, Robert  20 Jun 1663Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41838 Bryant 
4 Allen, Martha  11 Jan 1734/35Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I20385 Bryant 
5 Born, Anne  Bef 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52863 Bryant 
6 Bosworth, Rebecca  02 Nov 1704Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41884 Bryant 
7 Bowen, Alice  Aft 1681Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I15196 Bryant 
8 Bowen, Joseph  28 Dec 1727Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55193 Bryant 
9 Bowen, Mary  20 Aug 1678Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52867 Bryant 
10 Bowen, Obediah Jr.  11 Jul 1699Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50488 Bryant 
11 Bowen, Richard  Feb 1675/76Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51702 Bryant 
12 Bowen, Richard  25 Mar 1723Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55181 Bryant 
13 Bowen, Ruth  Oct 1688Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55177 Bryant 
14 Bowen, Sarah  14 Oct 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55175 Bryant 
15 Bowen, Thomas  Bef 28 Feb 1663/64Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51703 Bryant 
16 Bowen, William  Mar 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55180 Bryant 
17 Brown, Dorothy  02 Jun 1727Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50804 Bryant 
18 Brown, John  Bef 07 Apr 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I42387 Bryant 
19 Brown, John  10 Apr 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I42388 Bryant 
20 Brown, Rebecca  07 Nov 1727Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44228 Bryant 
21 Bullock, Marcy  19 Mar 1663Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50492 Bryant 
22 Bullock, Richard  Bef 22 Nov 1667Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I34176 Bryant 
23 Bullock, Samuel  10 Mar 1717/18Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44261 Bryant 
24 Bullock, Samuel  Apr 1746Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44241 Bryant 
25 Bullock, Thankful  22 Jul 1762Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50496 Bryant 
26 Bullock, William  10 Dec 1810Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44259 Bryant 
27 Butterworth, John  20 Mar 1731Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41553 Bryant 
28 Butterworth, John  11 Dec 1771Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44472 Bryant 
29 Butterworth, Mary  29 Aug 1714Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50762 Bryant 
30 Butterworth, Samuel  Bef 03 Mar 1685Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51720 Bryant 
31 Carpenter, William  Abt 1685Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I27155 Bryant 
32 Chickering, Ester  Abt 05 Jun 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44489 Bryant 
33 Child, Margaret  24 Jul 1699Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50801 Bryant 
34 Clifton, Mary  18 Feb 1696/97Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50555 Bryant 
35 Cole, Martha  19 1708Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51880 Bryant 
36 Cole, Mercy  Bef 06 Feb 1704/5Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51897 Bryant 
37 Cooper, Elizabeth  Abt 02 Dec 1690Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44474 Bryant 
38 Hunt, Peter  02 Oct 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I14788 Bryant 
39 Hunt, Sarah  27 Oct 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44459 Bryant 
40 Hunting, Elizabeth  Abt 07 Dec 1667Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44455 Bryant 
41 Ingraham, Elizabeth  07 Jan 1659/60Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I34177 Bryant 
42 Kent, Joseph  1704Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44310 Bryant 
43 Kent, Joseph  20 Mar 1734/35Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50362 Bryant 
44 Kent, Susannah  22 Jul 1780Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50508 Bryant 
45 Martin, Ephraim  25 Jun 1734Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50497 Bryant 
46 Mason, Bethiah  Bef 1712Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50969 Bryant 
47 Mason, Noah  02 Mar 1699/0Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51706 Bryant 
48 Mason, Sampson  15 Sep 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50761 Bryant 
49 Mason, Samuel  21 Jan 1743/44Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51708 Bryant 
50 Mason, Thankful  Aft 1749Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50553 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bosworth, Deliverance  01 May 1675Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41889 Bryant 
2 Bowen, Ruth  31 Oct 1688Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55177 Bryant 
3 Bowen, William  10 Mar 1686/87Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55180 Bryant 
4 Chickering, Ester  06 Jun 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44489 Bryant 
5 Cooper, Elizabeth  03 Dec 1690Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44474 Bryant 
6 Fuller, John  Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50447 Bryant 
7 Hunting, Elizabeth  09 Dec 1667Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44455 Bryant 
8 Mason, Sampson  15 Sep 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50761 Bryant 
9 Peck, Nathaniel  12 Aug 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41890 Bryant 
10 Preston, Elizabeth  26 May 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44456 Bryant 
11 Searle, Rebecca  16 Aug 1691Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55160 Bryant 
12 Smith, Daniel  01 May 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44488 Bryant 
13 Smith, Henry  24 Nov 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44473 Bryant 
14 Sutton, Ester  06 Nov 1688Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55182 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Asa  25 Aug 1706Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44442 Bryant 
2 Brown, Jabish (Jabez)  09 May 1697Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44441 Bryant 
3 Brown, Jerusha  27 Sep 1702Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44438 Bryant 
4 Capron, Benjamin  29 Sep 1706Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44443 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowen, Richard  04 Jun 1675Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51702 Bryant 
2 Bullock, Samuel  15 Apr 1746Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44241 Bryant 
3 Butterworth, Henry  Abt 1645Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51869 Bryant 
4 Peck, Joseph  23 Feb 1721/22Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44233 Bryant 
5 Peck, Joseph  20 Apr 1742Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44227 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Marcy  29 Aug 1788Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50510 Bryant 
2 Bowen, Richard  Bef Feb 1674/75Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51702 Bryant 
3 Bowen, Thomas  11 Apr 1663Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51703 Bryant 
4 Brown, John  31 Mar 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I42387 Bryant 
5 Brown, John  07 Apr 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I42388 Bryant 
6 Butterworth, Mary  28 Jan 1712/13Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50762 Bryant 
7 Butterworth, Samuel  13 Oct 1684Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51720 Bryant 
8 Winchester, Alexander  04 Jun 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44437 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Bef 1674Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3615 Bryant 
2 / Paine  24 Dec 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3041 Bryant 
3 Allen / Balcom  09 Nov 1680Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1426 Bryant 
4 Allen / Bowen  30 May 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1427 Bryant 
5 Arnold / Smith  24 Nov 1646Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1040 Bryant 
6 Barden / Paine  06 Dec 1723Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2949 Bryant 
7 Beers / Billington  25 Jun 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2679 Bryant 
8 Blake / Smith  17 Sep 1695Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1018 Bryant 
9 Bowen / Allen  20 Jan 1689/90Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1450 Bryant 
10 Bowen / Clifton  Abt 1650Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3447 Bryant 
11 Bowen / Garnzey  06 May 1703Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3629 Bryant 
12 Bowen / Mason  17 Jun 1689Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3284 Bryant 
13 Bowen / Sutton  04 Mar 1645/46Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3619 Bryant 
14 Brayman / Bowen  29 Sep 1681Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3621 Bryant 
15 Brown / Buckland  05 Nov 1659Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1359 Bryant 
16 Brown / Jenckes  Abt 1680Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1334 Bryant 
17 Bullock /   27 Dec 1780Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3012 Bryant 
18 Bullock / Beverley  17 Feb 1725/26Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3452 Bryant 
19 Bullock / Billington  21 Sep 1660Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1945 Bryant 
20 Bullock / Ingraham  04 Aug 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F964 Bryant 
21 Bullock / Moulton  28 Mar 1698Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3449 Bryant 
22 Bullock / Rouse  26 May 1675Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3000 Bryant 
23 Butterworth / Peck  06 Mar 1710/11Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3043 Bryant 
24 Butterworth / Wheaton  04 Sep 1674Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1363 Bryant 
25 Capron / Morse  08 Jun 1727Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2365 Bryant 
26 Carpenter / Read  24 Nov 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2389 Bryant 
27 Clifton / Longbottom  Between Jan 1640/41 and Feb 1641/42Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3474 Bryant 
28 Cooper / Bosworth  17 Oct 1656Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3507 Bryant 
29 Cushman / Titus  16 Oct 1679Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2998 Bryant 
30 Darling /   02 Sep 1741Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1096 Bryant 
31 Eddy / Bullock  06 Dec 1670Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3444 Bryant 
32 Heath / Brown  18 Feb 1768Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2976 Bryant 
33 Hunt / Smith  14 Dec 1646Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1023 Bryant 
34 Ingraham /   22 Apr 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3614 Bryant 
35 Jenks / Butterworth  04 Mar 1695Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1344 Bryant 
36 Kendrick /   01 Apr 1691Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3618 Bryant 
37 Kendrick / Bowen  23 Apr 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3617 Bryant 
38 Kent / Bullock  04 Sep 1730Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2967 Bryant 
39 Lombard / Bullock  06 Nov 1682Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3448 Bryant 
40 Martin / Bullock  06 Dec 1699Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3450 Bryant 
41 Martin / Bullock  04 Sep 1738Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3013 Bryant 
42 Mason /   Abt 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3498 Bryant 
43 Mason /   Abt 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3489 Bryant 
44 Mason / Barstow  14 Jul 1735Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3499 Bryant 
45 Mason / Butterworth  09 Mar 1651Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3459 Bryant 
46 Mason / Daggett  12 Mar 1682/83Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3487 Bryant 
47 Mason / Fitch  06 Dec 1677Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3497 Bryant 
48 Mason / Miller  28 Mar 1681/82Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3500 Bryant 
49 Millard /   14 Jul 1691Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F100 L C Earle's Family 
50 Millard / Jenckes  Aft 01 Jun 1700Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F1342 Bryant 

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Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowen / Landol  15 Jun 1706Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3628 Bryant 
2 Bullock / Kent  08 Jan 1737Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3011 Bryant 
3 Peck / Brown  15 Feb 1723/24Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2972 Bryant 
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