New York


Tree: Bryant
State/Province : Latitude: 42.9885764, Longitude: -75.893554

Tree: L C Earle's Family
State/Province : Latitude: 42.8759641, Longitude: -75.992431


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alice  Oct 1859New York I1569 Bryant 
2 Antoinette  16 Mar 1834New York I24341 Bryant 
3 Eleanor  1815New York I60242 Bryant 
4 Elizabeth  1654New York I37758 Bryant 
5 Elizabeth  1800New York I56419 Bryant 
6 Henrietta  Abt 1883New York I40766 L C Earle's Family 
7 Jennie  1830New York I45669 Bryant 
8 Maria I.  1835New York I53372 Bryant 
9 Mary J.  1811New York I68485 Bryant 
10 Mary J.  Abt 1847New York I34642 Bryant 
11 Austin, Abraham  Abt 1773New York I24978 Bryant 
12 Billings, John  Abt 08 Apr 1811New York I48772 Bryant 
13 Bixby, Asa  Abt 1804New York I48764 Bryant 
14 Bixby, Daniel  1800New York I48761 Bryant 
15 Bixby, Elida (Lida)  29 Jun 1822New York I1766 Bryant 
16 Bixby, Eliza  Abt 1809New York I48766 Bryant 
17 Bixby, Ellen  Abt 1807New York I48765 Bryant 
18 Bixby, John  Abt 1802New York I48763 Bryant 
19 Bixby, Lyda  Est 1812New York I48748 Bryant 
20 Bixby, Polly  Abt 1819New York I48744 Bryant 
21 Blancher, Loyal Hollister  Dec 1837New York I32275 Bryant 
22 Bliss, Cornelia  Abt 1807New York I39788 Bryant 
23 Bouck, Johan Wilhelm  04 Jan 1711/12New York I47262 Bryant 
24 Bouck, Maria Margaretha  Abt 1717New York I47287 Bryant 
25 Brownell, Elihu  Jun 1855New York I34812 Bryant 
26 Brownell, William D.  Abt 16 Dec 1828New York I1299 Bryant 
27 Bryant, John Jr.  Abt 1796New York I39787 Bryant 
28 Burt, Florence Edna  Jan 1887New York I65358 L C Earle's Family 
29 Cain, James  Abt 1820New York I40189 Bryant 
30 Campbell, Drusilla  1816New York I10176 Bryant 
31 Campbell, Jonathan  Abt 1808New York I10173 Bryant 
32 Campbell, Julia A.  Between 27 Jun 1786 and 23 Aug 1786New York I24980 Bryant 
33 Campbell, Lucy  1811New York I10174 Bryant 
34 Campbell, Mary  Est 1813New York I10175 Bryant 
35 Campbell, Sarah (Sally)  1803New York I10172 Bryant 
36 Church, Rachel  01 Apr 1836New York I58609 Bryant 
37 Conklin, Eliza Jane  New York I9841 Bryant 
38 Conklin, Friend Albert  1843New York I1691 Bryant 
39 Conklin, Gustavus  Oct 1849New York I9845 Bryant 
40 Conklin, Isaac  22 Jan 1795New York I1807 Bryant 
41 Crandall, Sarah  1810New York I45309 Bryant 
42 Darling, Alpheus O.  Jun 1854New York I26330 Bryant 
43 Deuel\Devol, Jeremiah  Between 1784 and 1787New York I46417 Bryant 
44 Deuel\Devol, Polly  1783New York I46422 Bryant 
45 Deuel\Devol, Susan  1781New York I46423 Bryant 
46 Deuel\Devol, Wilbur  1779New York I46416 Bryant 
47 Duel, Abram  Abt 1783New York I49259 Bryant 
48 Earle, Edward Smith  10 Sep 1829New York I33412 L C Earle's Family 
49 Earle, Morris  1734New York I34035 L C Earle's Family 
50 Earle, Platt Smith  19 Mar 1826New York I65351 L C Earle's Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerman, Obadiah  Between 1850 and 1860New York I27125 Bryant 
2 Bellinger, Elisabeth  11 Sep 1786New York I47285 Bryant 
3 Bixby, Aaron  Abt 1830New York I48752 Bryant 
4 Bryant, John Jr.  10 Aug 1853New York I39787 Bryant 
5 Chapman, Mehitable  Between 1870 and 1880New York I21943 Bryant 
6 Deuel\Devol, Beulah  07 Oct 1872New York I46418 Bryant 
7 Earle, Platt Smith  19 Mar 1826New York I65351 L C Earle's Family 
8 Earle, Sarah Augusta  17 Dec 1827New York I65352 L C Earle's Family 
9 Freimčauer, Johannes  Bef 19 Nov 1790New York I47278 Bryant 
10 Hoyt, Jonathan  1752New York I26054 Bryant 
11 Morris, John F.  Abt 1874New York I1287 Bryant 
12 Pumpelly (Pompili), John  11 Jul 1819New York I22330 Bryant 
13 Rogers, Eliza  1859?New York I45709 Bryant 
14 Rutzer, Mary Smith  07 Jul 1840New York I33231 L C Earle's Family 
15 Van Duyn, Sichy (Cynthia)  26 Mar 1833New York I33381 L C Earle's Family 
16 Vibber, Mercy  Bef 1779New York I59615 Bryant 
17 Wright, Elizabeth  19 Feb 1849New York I66213 L C Earle's Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Huycken, Jannetje  28 Jan 1683New York I33498 L C Earle's Family 
2 Huycken, Margaret  29 Jul 1688New York I33499 L C Earle's Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Krčausler, Johann Philipp  1709New York I47332 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Milit-Beg    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bixby, Jonathan  15 May 1776New York I48776 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kuhlmann\Kilmer, Johannes Jurrian  17 Jan 1716New York I25615 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Robbins  Est 1852New York F337 Bryant 
2 / Slocum  Abt 1865New York F3473 Bryant 
3 Bigsbee / Gifford  Abt 1842New York F3315 Bryant 
4 Billings / Bixby  Abt 1831New York F3328 Bryant 
5 Bixby /   Abt 1820New York F3319 Bryant 
6 Blancher / Townsend  03 Sep 1863New York F2136 Bryant 
7 Bouck / Borst  Abt 1784New York F3241 Bryant 
8 Bouck / Tyler  Abt 1833New York F3220 Bryant 
9 Bryant / Brooks  Aft Oct 1850New York F1302 Bryant 
10 Burt / Earle  1886New York F359 L C Earle's Family 
11 Bushnell /   Bef 1880New York F1773 Bryant 
12 Carter / Post  Aft 1851New York F2276 Bryant 
13 Chapman /   Abt 1855New York F1490 Bryant 
14 Chapman /   Abt 1865New York F1491 Bryant 
15 Crane / Bixby  Abt 1808New York F3320 Bryant 
16 Deuel\Devol / Soule  Abt 1774New York F3086 Bryant 
17 Deuel\Devol / Wood  Abt 1778New York F3081 Bryant 
18 Draper /   Aft 1860New York F2139 Bryant 
19 Earle / Oakley  25 Nov 1852New York F167 L C Earle's Family 
20 Evans /   Abt 1869New York F1480 Bryant 
21 Foland / Bixby  Abt 1815New York F3322 Bryant 
22 Fries / Kreisler  Abt 1780New York F65 Bryant 
23 Gibbs / Howe  1851New York F2323 Bryant 
24 Gibbs / Phelps  Abt 1865New York F2280 Bryant 
25 Goolthrite / Townsend  Mar 1853New York F1903 Bryant 
26 Gregory / Friz  Abt 1849New York F153 Bryant 
27 Griffin / Bishop  Abt 1730New York F2042 Bryant 
28 Griffin / Brown  27 May 1779New York F2135 Bryant 
29 Haight / Titus  14 Mar 1716New York F2157 Bryant 
30 Halleck / Griffin  Abt 1752New York F2127 Bryant 
31 Hanes / Bixby  Abt 1833New York F3317 Bryant 
32 Hill / Smith  Abt 1754New York F2082 Bryant 
33 Krčausler / Stickel  Bef 1755New York F3305 Bryant 
34 Krčausler / Streit  Abt 1723New York F3251 Bryant 
35 Kreisler / Klum  1759New York F3266 Bryant 
36 Krum / Bixby  Est 1817New York F3321 Bryant 
37 Kuhlmann\Kilmer / Leick  New York F2458 Bryant 
38 Kuhlmann\Kilmer / Linck  Est 1770New York F3412 Bryant 
39 Kuhlmann\Kilmer / Stiever  Abt 1736New York F2449 Bryant 
40 Kuhn / Falckenburg  Bef Apr 1734New York F2088 Bryant 
41 Kuhn / Krčausler  Abt 1751New York F3308 Bryant 
42 Kuhn / Kuhlmann\Kilmer  Bef 1762New York F342 Bryant 
43 Kuhn / Manck  Between 1743 and 1752New York F3256 Bryant 
44 Lewis / Crandall  Abt 1836New York F3061 Bryant 
45 Lewis / Prince  Abt 1824New York F2466 Bryant 
46 Lewis / Springer  Abt 1801New York F2007 Bryant 
47 Lewis / Wilder  Abt 1829New York F2328 Bryant 
48 Linck / Kupper  Est 1785New York F340 Bryant 
49 Linck / Schmidt  Abt 1740New York F2444 Bryant 
50 Maples /   Abt 1830New York F3851 Bryant 

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