Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.19319, Longitude: -70.94999

Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 42.19319, Longitude: -70.94999


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  02 Nov 1667Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I68997 Bryant 
2 Bates, Mary  1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12938 Bryant 
3 Clap, Thomas Jr.  15 Mar 1639Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23342 Bryant 
4 Cook, Experience  09 Nov 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10881 L C Earle's Family 
5 Cook, Experience  09 Nov 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10881 Bryant 
6 Cook, Samuel  Abt 1658Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13161 Bryant 
7 Cooke, Ebenezer  30 May 1656Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15680 Bryant 
8 Cooke, Hannah  Abt 1650Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15251 Bryant 
9 Cooke, John  1654Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I45439 Bryant 
10 Cooke, Nicholas  09 Feb 1659/60Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15040 Bryant 
11 Cooke, Peter  Abt 1664Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15684 Bryant 
12 Cooke, Walter  10 Sep 1657Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15681 Bryant 
13 Dyer, Mary  06 Jul 1641Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12641 Bryant 
14 Gurney, Zachariah  1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27652 Bryant 
15 Holbrook, Anne  1647Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5938 Bryant 
16 Holbrook, Jane  1635Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5893 Bryant 
17 Holbrook, Jane  Abt 1650Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5924 Bryant 
18 Holbrook, John  24 Sep 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6279 Bryant 
19 Holbrook, Thomas  1627Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5961 L C Earle's Family 
20 Holbrook, William  20 Jan 1657Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5919 Bryant 
21 Hunt, Sarah  04 Jul 1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I63743 Bryant 
22 Kingman, Henry  1638Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I8006 Bryant 
23 Pierce, Azarikum  04 Jan 1671/72Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6362 Bryant 
24 Poole, Joseph  Est 1654Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10039 Bryant 
25 Poole, Mary  20 Nov 1668Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27209 Bryant 
26 Pratt, Joseph  02 Feb 1665Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17674 Bryant 
27 Randall, Hannah  Abt 1648Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17069 Bryant 
28 Randall, John  16 Apr 1673Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I22943 Bryant 
29 Randall, Mary  20 Mar 1642/43Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I19352 Bryant 
30 Randall, Thomas  Abt 1638Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21814 Bryant 
31 Read, Mary  21 Mar 1668/69Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21412 Bryant 
32 Rogers, Hannah  1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11787 Bryant 
33 Rogers, Lydia  27 Mar 1642Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11647 Bryant 
34 Rogers, Mary  03 Apr 1664Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12942 L C Earle's Family 
35 Rogers, Sarah  1647Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11788 Bryant 
36 Staple, Abraham  1638Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I19351 Bryant 
37 Staple, John Jr.  Abt 1648Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20084 Bryant 
38 Staple, Joseph  19 Feb 1641/42Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16055 Bryant 
39 Staple, Rebecca  27 Nov 1639Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20094 Bryant 
40 Staple, Sarah  Abt 1645Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20095 Bryant 
41 White, Ebenezer Lieutenant  1648Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12639 Bryant 
42 White, Hannah  1638Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12640 Bryant 
43 White, Joseph  05 Jul 1661Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24686 Bryant 
44 White, Joseph  17 Dec 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13157 Bryant 
45 White, Lydia  17 Dec 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13158 Bryant 
46 White, Samuel  1642Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12638 Bryant 
47 White, Thomas  Abt 1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6393 Bryant 
48 White, Thomas  Abt Jun 1675Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I9871 L C Earle's Family 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  Bef 25 Jun 1672Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15355 Bryant 
2 Joanna  11 Apr 1659Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6636 Bryant 
3 Mary  Bef 03 Sep 1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21813 Bryant 
4 Mary  06 Apr 1655Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14862 Bryant 
5 Sarah  14 Jan 1643/44Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I9775 Bryant 
6 Benson, Joanna  26 Mar 1735Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26816 Bryant 
7 Benson, Mary  14 Feb 1736Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27651 Bryant 
8 Benson, Susannah  11 May 1761Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26821 Bryant 
9 Bicknell, John  Bef 20 Jan 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I9927 Bryant 
10 Bicknell, Zachary  Bef 09 Mar 1636Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15075 Bryant 
11 Blancher, Nathaniel  27 Aug 1676Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13626 Bryant 
12 Butterworth, Henry  18 Jan 1640/41Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I51869 Bryant 
13 Dyer, Mary  23 Oct 1716Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12641 Bryant 
14 French, Jacob  12 Apr 1669Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21920 Bryant 
15 French, Mary  07 Mar 1690Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11151 Bryant 
16 French, Sarah  14 Jan 1644Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5944 Bryant 
17 French, Stephen  Aft 18 Mar 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11150 Bryant 
18 Holbrook, Jane  1680Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5893 Bryant 
19 Holbrook, John Sr. Captain  23 Nov 1699Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5890 Bryant 
20 Holbrook, Thomas  Bef 10 Mar 1677Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5888 Bryant 
21 Hovey, Ebenezer  Bef 16 Apr 1756Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26817 Bryant 
22 Hunt, Enoch  18 Nov 1653Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12999 Bryant 
23 Hunt, Sarah  03 Aug 1729Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I63743 Bryant 
24 Kingman, Henry  05 Jun 1667Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6085 Bryant 
25 Kingman, Thomas  Bef 11 Apr 1705Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12352 Bryant 
26 Lovell, Robert  Bef 06 Nov 1658Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15354 Bryant 
27 Poole, Joseph  16 May 1706Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10039 Bryant 
28 Powys, Jane  Bef 24 Apr 1677Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5889 Bryant 
29 Pratt, Matthew  12 Jan 1713Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12692 Bryant 
30 Pratt, Samuel  Abt Aug 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12829 Bryant 
31 Randall, John  04 Sep 1730Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I22943 Bryant 
32 Randall, Robert  03 May 1691Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17070 Bryant 
33 Ranes, John  Bef 01 Dec 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11789 Bryant 
34 Rockett, Phebe  01 Nov 1718Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10689 Bryant 
35 Rogers, Hannah  29 May 1721Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11787 Bryant 
36 Rogers, John Deacon  11 Feb 1660/61Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11784 Bryant 
37 Rogers, John  28 Feb 1709/10Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12937 Bryant 
38 Shaw, Mary  25 Mar 1657/58Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15365 Bryant 
39 Staple, Jeffrey  Mar 1647Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20091 Bryant 
40 Staple, Martha  17 Feb 1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20673 Bryant 
41 Stream, Elizabeth  25 Jun 1688Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5917 Bryant 
42 White, Ebenezer Lieutenant  24 Aug 1703Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12639 Bryant 
43 White, Joseph  Bef 1662Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24686 Bryant 
44 White, Samuel  19 Aug 1699Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12638 Bryant 
45 White, Thomas Captain  Bef 26 Aug 1679Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12636 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joanna  Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6636 Bryant 
2 Mary  03 Sep 1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21813 Bryant 
3 Edson, Elizabeth  Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6597 Bryant 
4 Holbrook, John Sr. Captain  Aft 23 Nov 1699Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5890 Bryant 
5 Staple, Martha  17 Feb 1639/40Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20673 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lovell, Robert  03 Apr 1651Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15354 Bryant 
2 Staple, John  18 Mar 1681/82Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20090 Bryant 
3 White, Samuel  02 Dec 1698Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I12638 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Packard  Abt 1668Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F446 Bryant 
2 Bartlett / Aldrich  Abt 1665Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2318 Bryant 
3 Bayly /   19 Sep 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1269 Bryant 
4 Bicknell / Porter  02 Dec 1658Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F468 Bryant 
5 Bicknell / Shaw  Bef 1648Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F469 Bryant 
6 Bowen /   Nov 1648Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F3495 Bryant 
7 Clap / Martin  Bef 1639Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F486 Bryant 
8 Drake / Holbrook  1656Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F397 Bryant 
9 Holbrook / Damon  1666Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F421 Bryant 
10 Holbrook / French  1640Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F393 Bryant 
11 Holbrook / Stream  1646Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F394 Bryant 
12 Hovey /   13 Nov 1735Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2296 Bryant 
13 Kingman /   Abt 1663Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F795 Bryant 
14 Poole / Shaw  Bef 1674Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F457 Bryant 
15 Pratt / Benson  1690Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1311 Bryant 
16 Pratt / Hunt  01 Aug 1661Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F851 Bryant 
17 Pratt / Rogers  19 Sep 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F731 Bryant 
18 Randall / Benson  Abt 1696Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1769 Bryant 
19 Randall / French  1641Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F691 Bryant 
20 Randall / Packard  Abt 1671Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F445 Bryant 
21 Ranes / Rogers  24 Nov 1659Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F730 Bryant 
22 Rogers / Bates  08 Jan 1662/63Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F858 Bryant 
23 Staple / Atkins  Abt 1670Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1429 Bryant 
24 Staple / Randall  19 Sep 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1065 Bryant 
25 Thayer / Poole  28 Oct 1687Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1225 Bryant 
26 Thayer / Priest  12 Jul 1661Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1128 Bryant 
27 Trask /   03 Nov 1743Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F899 Bryant 
28 Trask / White  Abt 1696Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F896 Bryant 
29 White / Dyer  1666Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F848 Bryant 
30 White / Phillips  Bef 02 Jun 1671Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F849 Bryant 
31 White / Rogers  19 Sep 1660Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F640 Bryant 
32 White / Workman?  Bef 1636Weymouth, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F441 Bryant 
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