Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts


Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 42.370326, Longitude: -71.179279

Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.370326, Longitude: -71.179279


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Woodward, Rebecca  30 Dec 1647Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15464 Bryant 
2 Whitney, Lydia  03 Jul 1657Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10727 L C Earle's Family 
3 Traine, Thomas  1653Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25032 Bryant 
4 Traine, Sarah  31 Jan 1647Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25047 Bryant 
5 Traine, Rebecca  08 Sep 1657Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25048 Bryant 
6 Traine, Mary  10 Oct 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25020 Bryant 
7 Traine, John  25 May 1651Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25033 Bryant 
8 Traine, Hannah  07 Sep 1657Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25030 Bryant 
9 Traine, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1640Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25019 Bryant 
10 Traine, Abigail Dix  31 Jan 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25013 Bryant 
11 Townsend, Martin  1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25043 Bryant 
12 Townsend, Martin  1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29708 Bryant 
13 Townsend, Jonathan  27 Apr 1688Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25011 Bryant 
14 Townsend, John  26 May 1679Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25045 Bryant 
15 Townsend, Hannah  06 Oct 1673Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25044 Bryant 
16 Townsend, Abigail  18 Sep 1669Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25042 Bryant 
17 Stone, Matthew  16 Feb 1660Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16616 Bryant 
18 Stearns, Sarah  22 Sep 1635Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13957 Bryant 
19 Stearns, Samuel  24 Apr 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13958 Bryant 
20 Stearns, Isaac  06 Jan 1632/33Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12618 Bryant 
21 Stearns, Elizabeth  13 Apr 1644Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13548 Bryant 
22 Stearns, Abigail  28 Feb 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13546 Bryant 
23 Morse, Rebecca  16 Nov 1706Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29191 Bryant 
24 Morse, John Ens.  28 Feb 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15604 Bryant 
25 Lawrence, Peleg  10 Jan 1647/48Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10233 Bryant 
26 Lawrence, Nathaniel  15 Oct 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10232 Bryant 
27 Keyes, Sarah  26 May 1633Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68197 Bryant 
28 Keyes, Rebecca  17 Mar 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68186 Bryant 
29 Keyes, Phebe  17 Jun 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68199 Bryant 
30 Keyes, Mary  Feb 1641/42Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68200 Bryant 
31 Keyes, Elias  20 May 1643Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68201 Bryant 
32 Jennison, Michal  17 Dec 1640Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15386 Bryant 
33 Harrington, Benjamin  26 Jan 1662Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14058 Bryant 
34 Grant, Joshua  11 Jun 1637Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I33359 Bryant 
35 Grant, Benjamin  06 Sep 1641Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24600 Bryant 
36 Flagg, Michael  23 Mar 1651Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14055 Bryant 
37 Flagg, Mary  14 Jun 1658Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13315 Bryant 
38 Flagg, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1654/55Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16498 Bryant 
39 Fanning, Mary  27 Oct 1662Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12904 Bryant 
40 Daniel, Samuel  01 Apr 1674Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15857 Bryant 
41 Daniel, Robert  23 Apr 1672Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15856 Bryant 
42 Daniel, Joseph  03 Feb 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15858 L C Earle's Family 
43 Daniel, Joseph  03 Feb 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15858 Bryant 
44 Daniel, Joseph  Abt 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10585 L C Earle's Family 
45 Daniel, Joseph  Abt 1638Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10585 Bryant 
46 Coolidge, Mary  11 Dec 1660Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I65298 Bryant 
47 Child, John Jr.  25 Apr 1669Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13512 Bryant 
48 Child, Elizabeth  24 Jul 1670Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I21628 Bryant 
49 Brown, Patience  06 Mar 1669Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I21626 Bryant 
50 Bright, Nathaniel  05 May 1647Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I65297 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Townsend, Martin  14 Nov 1686Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25043 Bryant 
2 Townsend, Jonathan  29 Apr 1688Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25011 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Warren, Mary  19 Oct 1691Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12406 Bryant 
2 Warren, John  13 Dec 1667Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13038 Bryant 
3 Warren, John Captain  27 Jan 1702/3Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13042 Bryant 
4 Warren, Daniel  24 Feb 1707Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13043 Bryant 
5 Treadway, Mary  17 May 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I20721 Bryant 
6 Traine, Thomas  02 Jan 1739Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25032 Bryant 
7 Traine, John  19 Feb 1718Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25033 Bryant 
8 Traine, John  26 Jan 1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25016 Bryant 
9 Traine, Elizabeth  07 May 1708Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25019 Bryant 
10 Townsend, Martin  1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I29708 Bryant 
11 Townsend, Jonathan  Jul 1688Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25046 Bryant 
12 Townsend, John  Sep 1683Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25045 Bryant 
13 Townsend, Hannah  03 Sep 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25044 Bryant 
14 Stearns, Rebecca  03 Sep 1746Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25052 Bryant 
15 Stearns, Isaac  29 Aug 1676Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12618 Bryant 
16 Stearns, Isaac  19 Jun 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12410 Bryant 
17 Stearns, Elizabeth  24 Jun 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13548 Bryant 
18 Stearns, Abigail  16 Oct 1690Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13546 Bryant 
19 Morse, John Ens.  23 Jul 1702Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15604 Bryant 
20 Mixer, Isaac Jr.  22 Nov 1716Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12588 Bryant 
21 Learned, William  Bef Apr 1684Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12611 Bryant 
22 Keyes, Mary  Abt 19 Jul 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68200 Bryant 
23 Jennison, Michal  04 Jul 1713Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15386 Bryant 
24 James, Edmund  Aft 24 Mar 1640Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28588 Bryant 
25 Hosier, Samuel  29 Jul 1665Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10673 L C Earle's Family 
26 Hosier, Samuel  29 Jul 1665Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10673 Bryant 
27 French, Hannah  02 Jan 1766Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13511 Bryant 
28 Freeman, Henry  12 Nov 1672Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13549 Bryant 
29 Flagg, Michael  Abt 1711Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14055 Bryant 
30 Flagg, Mary  07 Sep 1720Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13315 Bryant 
31 Flagg, Elizabeth  09 Aug 1729Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16498 Bryant 
32 Fanning, Thomas  Aug 1685Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12910 Bryant 
33 Dix, Margaret  18 Dec 1660Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25017 Bryant 
34 Daniel, Thomas  Nov 1644Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15853 Bryant 
35 Daniel, Samuel  Jun 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15857 Bryant 
36 Daniel, Elizabeth  22 Jan 1723Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10410 Bryant 
37 Coolidge, Mary  01 Dec 1717Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I65298 Bryant 
38 Child, Richard  11 Nov 1694Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15988 Bryant 
39 Child, Elizabeth  20 Apr 1707Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I21628 Bryant 
40 Bullard, Robert  24 Jun 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12416 Bryant 
41 Bullard, George  14 Jan 1689Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13032 Bryant 
42 Bright, Nathaniel  11 May 1726Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I65297 Bryant 
43 Bright, Henry  09 Oct 1686Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I46564 Bryant 
44 Bigelow, son  18 Dec 1667Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14052 Bryant 
45 Bigelow, Mary  03 Sep 1704Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14044 Bryant 
46 Bigelow, John  14 Jul 1703Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12405 Bryant 
47 Bigelow, Hannah  08 Mar 1664/65Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14051 Bryant 
48 Bigelow, Abigail  12 Jan 1754Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14050 Bryant 
49 Bayly?, Margaret  06 Nov 1662Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13046 Bryant 
50 Barron, Mary  13 Feb 1716Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13108 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Keyes, Mary  20 Jul 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I68200 Bryant 
2 Daniel, Thomas  06 Nov 1644Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15853 Bryant 
3 Bullard, Robert  29 Jun 1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12416 Bryant 
4 Margaret  08 Feb 1640Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13033 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Warren, John Captain  15 Feb 1703Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13042 Bryant 
2 Traine, John  04 Apr 1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25016 Bryant 
3 Townsend, Martin  12 Nov 1698Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25012 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Warren, John Captain  12 Jan 1703Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13042 Bryant 
2 Traine, John  21 Jan 1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25016 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Wood / Babcock  16 Nov 1665Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1110 Bryant 
2 Winn / Babcock  Abt 1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1207 Bryant 
3 Warren / Jennison  11 Jul 1667Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F876 Bryant 
4 Warren / Barron  10 Dec 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F877 Bryant 
5 Traine / Stubbs  24 Mar 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1995 Bryant 
6 Traine / Stearns  25 Jan 1693Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1994 Bryant 
7 Traine /   12 Oct 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1986 Bryant 
8 Townsend / Traine  10 Apr 1668Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1981 Bryant 
9 Townsend / Hassell  30 Aug 1693Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1982 Bryant 
10 Thorp / Martyn  1639Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F817 Bryant 
11 Stratton / Traine  10 Mar 1658Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1988 Bryant 
12 Stone / Bass  1662Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1314 Bryant 
13 Stearns / Mixer  1653Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F838 Bryant 
14 Stearns / Bigelow  06 Sep 1676Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F939 Bryant 
15 Page / Babcock  Abt 1641Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1206 Bryant 
16 Morse / Stearns  27 Apr 1666Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F921 Bryant 
17 Mixer /   10 Jan 1661Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F841 Bryant 
18 Mixer /   19 Sep 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F840 Bryant 
19 Manning / Stearns  13 Apr 1664Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F923 Bryant 
20 Learned / Bigelow  23 Jul 1679Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F637 Bryant 
21 Freeman / Stearns  25 Dec 1650Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F922 Bryant 
22 Freeman /   27 Nov 1656Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F924 Bryant 
23 Flagg / Bigelow  03 Jan 1674Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F936 Bryant 
24 Flagg /   27 Dec 1704Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F946 Bryant 
25 Fanning / Daniel  17 May 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F554 Bryant 
26 Daniel / Beckwith  10 May 1671Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1189 Bryant 
27 Cole / Traine  12 Oct 1669Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1997 Bryant 
28 Child / Traine  16 Jan 1679Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1196 Bryant 
29 Child / French  05 Oct 1693Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F917 Bryant 
30 Bullard / Richards  Apr 1655Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F871 Bryant 
31 Bright / Goldstone  1635Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F3143 Bryant 
32 Bright / Coolidge  21 Jul 1681Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F3842 Bryant 
33 Bigelow / Warren  30 Oct 1642Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F724 Bryant 
34 Bigelow / Flagg  20 Oct 1676Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F938 Bryant 
35 Bigelow / Erickson  15 Jun 1708Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F942 Bryant 
36 Bigelow / Child  03 Jul 1693Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F941 Bryant 
37 Bigelow / Brown  25 Mar 1687Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F940 Bryant 
38 Bigelow / Bemis  02 Oct 1694Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F807 Bryant 
39 Barstow / Traine  12 Jan 1677Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1998 Bryant 
40 / Treadway  21 Jul 1675Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1462 Bryant 
41 / Jennison  10 Feb 1658Watertown, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1119 Bryant 
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