Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.23868, Longitude: -71.36916


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, James  07 Jul 1693Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10744 Bryant 
2 Bullard, Benjamin  04 Mar 1703Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11048 Bryant 
3 Daniel, Deborah  01 Apr 1700Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28573 Bryant 
4 Daniel, Ephraim  25 Mar 1707Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28575 Bryant 
5 Daniel, Hannah  06 Apr 1702Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28574 Bryant 
6 Daniel, Hester  07 Feb 1695/96Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28571 Bryant 
7 Daniel, Joshua  01 Feb 1709/10Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28576 Bryant 
8 Daniel, Lydia  05 Oct 1698Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28572 Bryant 
9 Daniel, Samuel  16 Jan 1704/5Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11047 Bryant 
10 Gleason, John  1682/83Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12398 Bryant 
11 Hill, Abigail  10 Jun 1694Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10745 Bryant 
12 Hill, David  01 Jun 1694Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11039 Bryant 
13 Hill, Ebenezer  12 Mar 1692Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11038 Bryant 
14 Hill, Hannah  13 Oct 1712Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11044 Bryant 
15 Hill, Isaac  28 Feb 1703/4Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11041 Bryant 
16 Hill, Joseph  01 Apr 1701Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11025 Bryant 
17 Hill, Judith  03 Jun 1710Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11043 Bryant 
18 Hill, Lydia  30 Nov 1706Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11042 Bryant 
19 Hill, Moses  30 Mar 1699Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11051 Bryant 
20 Hill, Samuel  11 Aug 1710Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11703 Bryant 
21 Hill, Seth  28 Feb 1717Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11045 Bryant 
22 Leland, Henry  22 Feb 1679Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I20874 Bryant 
23 Leland, Simon  21 Aug 1730Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11770 Bryant 
24 Partridge, Jabez  11 Dec 1748Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11799 Bryant 
25 Partridge, John  28 Oct 1746Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11798 Bryant 
26 Partridge, Lovet  13 Sep 1750Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11800 Bryant 
27 Partridge, Rhoda  11 Feb 1744Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11797 Bryant 
28 Partridge, Stephen  02 Aug 1752Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11801 Bryant 
29 Perry, John Jr.  24 Dec 1667Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11068 Bryant 
30 Perry, Mary  02 Apr 1745Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I31337 Bryant 
31 Sheffield, Hannah  18 Apr 1663Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11775 Bryant 
32 Sheffield, Thamezin  25 May 1673Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10903 Bryant 
33 Twitchell, Charity  07 Dec 1682Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I17098 Bryant 
34 Twitchell, Hannah  08 Oct 1660Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11091 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hester (Esther)  12 Sep 1737Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23287 Bryant 
2 Adams, James  14 Jan 1727/28Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10744 Bryant 
3 Baxter, Hannah  04 Sep 1727Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12565 Bryant 
4 Breck, Sarah  06 Jul 1699Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11732 Bryant 
5 Breck, Thomas  23 Apr 1703Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11083 Bryant 
6 Bullard, Benjamin  07 Sep 1689Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11065 Bryant 
7 Daniel, Deborah  03 Apr 1700Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I28573 Bryant 
8 Daniel, Robert  Aft 1742Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15856 Bryant 
9 Ellis? or Thorpe?, Elizabeth  01 Dec 1719Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11064 Bryant 
10 Fanning, Mary  14 Oct 1688Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12904 Bryant 
11 Fisher, Lydia  29 Jan 1691Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10396 Bryant 
12 Hill, Abigail  05 Oct 1689Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11055 Bryant 
13 Hill, Eleazer  1725Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11060 Bryant 
14 Hill, John Jr.  23 Jan 1717/18Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11052 Bryant 
15 Hill, John  23 May 1738Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11058 Bryant 
16 Hill, Mary  15 Aug 1726Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11073 Bryant 
17 Hill, Samuel  08 May 1761Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11703 Bryant 
18 Holbrook, Eleazer  18 Feb 1725/26Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16821 Bryant 
19 Johnson, Hannah  Nov 1690Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11053 Bryant 
20 Learned, Benoni  10 Apr 1738Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12613 Bryant 
21 Leland, Henry  29 Oct 1732Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I20874 Bryant 
22 Leland, Hopestill  19 Aug 1729Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11056 Bryant 
23 Morse, Daniel  15 Jun 1688Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10395 Bryant 
24 Morse, Joseph  19 Feb 1718Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10197 Bryant 
25 Morse, Mary  16 Oct 1760Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I10139 Bryant 
26 Partridge, Elizabeth  03 Nov 1796Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11752 Bryant 
27 Pond, Sarah  24 Dec 1725Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14114 Bryant 
28 Rockwood, Hannah  07 Feb 1730Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I11648 Bryant 
29 Wood, Nicholas  07 Feb 1670Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15202 Bryant 
30 Wright, Sarah  25 Jan 1737Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12912 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Hill  01 Jan 1713Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F604 Bryant 
2 Bullard / Hill  09 Nov 1727Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F634 Bryant 
3 Daniel / Partridge  27 Nov 1771Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F726 Bryant 
4 Hill / Twitchell  04 Nov 1679Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F651 Bryant 
5 Holbrook / Fairbanks  23 Jan 1683Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F402 Bryant 
6 Learned / Fanning  18 Jun 1680Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F845 Bryant 
7 Learned / Wright  Abt 1689Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F846 Bryant 
8 Partridge / Lovet  12 Oct 1749Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F636 Bryant 
9 Perry / Hill  28 Jul 1691Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F658 Bryant 
10 Robinson / Learned  17 Jan 1707Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F801 Bryant 
11 Thompson / Twitchell  16 Feb 1704Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1177 Bryant 
12 White / Hill  13 Nov 1729Sherborn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F605 Bryant 
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