Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.286731, Longitude: -72.407981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bates, Anna  19 Sep 1678Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22513 Bryant 
2 Bates, Daniel  18 Aug 1697Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22519 Bryant 
3 Bates, Ephraim  29 May 1692Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22518 Bryant 
4 Bates, Hannah  12 Jul 1710Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22492 Bryant 
5 Bates, James  16 Dec 1683Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22515 Bryant 
6 Bates, Katharine  19 May 1715Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22509 Bryant 
7 Bates, Keziah  20 Nov 1712Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22508 Bryant 
8 Bates, Mary  13 Mar 1708Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22507 Bryant 
9 Bates, Robert  22 Dec 1686Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22516 Bryant 
10 Bates, Samuel  15 Apr 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22512 Bryant 
11 Bates, Samuel Jr.  08 Nov 1682Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22502 Bryant 
12 Bates, Samuel  12 Sep 1706Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22506 Bryant 
13 Bates, Silence  27 Jul 1680Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22514 Bryant 
14 Bates, Stephen  01 Jun 1689Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22517 Bryant 
15 Beaumont, Elizabeth  02 Mar 1650Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23807 Bryant 
16 Bliss, Deliverance  Aug 1655Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33665 Bryant 
17 Bliss, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1645Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33660 Bryant 
18 Bliss, Mary  07 Feb 1649Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33662 Bryant 
19 Bliss, Samuel  09 Dec 1657Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33670 Bryant 
20 Bliss, Sarah  26 Aug 1647Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33667 Bryant 
21 Bliss, Thomas  03 Mar 1652Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I33664 Bryant 
22 Buckingham, Thomas  29 Sep 1670Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22672 Bryant 
23 Bull, Hannah  30 Apr 1681Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22803 Bryant 
24 Bull, Phebe  Aug 1655Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I24145 Bryant 
25 Bushnell, Abigail  Feb 1660Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22411 Bryant 
26 Bushnell, Abigail  27 Jul 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22389 Bryant 
27 Bushnell, Daniel  Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22410 Bryant 
28 Bushnell, Daniel  20 Feb 1687Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22392 Bryant 
29 Bushnell, Ebenezer  19 Aug 1701Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22395 Bryant 
30 Bushnell, Elizabeth  Abt 1744Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21947 Bryant 
31 Bushnell, Eustatia (Statia)  Abt 1752Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22322 Bryant 
32 Bushnell, Francis  06 Jan 1650Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22406 Bryant 
33 Bushnell, Hannah  08 Dec 1719Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22378 Bryant 
34 Bushnell, Hannah  Abt 1755Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22325 Bryant 
35 Bushnell, Hepzibah  19 Aug 1701Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22394 Bryant 
36 Bushnell, Ira  19 Oct 1729Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22382 Bryant 
37 Bushnell, Jemima  19 Feb 1713Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22377 Bryant 
38 Bushnell, Jeremiah  27 Sep 1710Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22376 Bryant 
39 Bushnell, Jeremiah  05 Dec 1763Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22326 Bryant 
40 Bushnell, Jerusha  23 Mar 1765Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22327 Bryant 
41 Bushnell, Jonathan  10 Apr 1685Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22391 Bryant 
42 Bushnell, Joshua  06 May 1644Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22403 Bryant 
43 Bushnell, Joshua  08 Nov 1690Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23138 Bryant 
44 Bushnell, Josiah  09 Jun 1706Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22399 Bryant 
45 Bushnell, Judith  Jan 1655Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22409 Bryant 
46 Bushnell, Judith  14 Sep 1679Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22390 Bryant 
47 Bushnell, Lydia  1661Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22412 Bryant 
48 Bushnell, Mehitable  Abt 1749Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22321 Bryant 
49 Bushnell, Nathaniel  08 Feb 1690Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22393 Bryant 
50 Bushnell, Patience  28 Oct 1725Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22379 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elisabeth  Bef 12 Dec 1755Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22317 Bryant 
2 Barber, Deborah  Oct 1753Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23581 Bryant 
3 Bate, Samuel  28 Dec 1699Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22510 Bryant 
4 Bates, Keziah  02 Oct 1715Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22508 Bryant 
5 Bates, Samuel  04 Dec 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22512 Bryant 
6 Bates, Samuel  29 Sep 1706Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22506 Bryant 
7 Bates, Samuel Jr.  Abt 1716Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22502 Bryant 
8 Beaumont, Elizabeth  30 Oct 1694Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23807 Bryant 
9 Bishop, Ann  03 Jan 1673Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22527 Bryant 
10 Bliss, Ann  20 Nov 1685Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21978 Bryant 
11 Bushnell, Francis Deacon  04 Dec 1681Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22598 Bryant 
12 Bushnell, Joshua  12 Jan 1710Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22403 Bryant 
13 Bushnell, Mary  Abt 1727Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22588 Bryant 
14 Bushnell, Richard  Bef 17 Jul 1660Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23055 Bryant 
15 Bushnell, Samuel Capt.  06 May 1752Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22333 Bryant 
16 Bushnell, Sarah  Abt 1683Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23101 Bryant 
17 Bushnell, Stephen  01 Aug 1727Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22407 Bryant 
18 Bushnell, Thomas  11 Jul 1713Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22408 Bryant 
19 Bushnell, William  12 Nov 1683Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22402 Bryant 
20 Bushnell, William  30 May 1733Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23095 Bryant 
21 Chalker, Abraham  17 Feb 1731Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23412 Bryant 
22 Chalker, Alexander  Feb 1673Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23573 Bryant 
23 Chalker, Katherine  Bef Sep 1694Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22525 Bryant 
24 Chalker, Samuel  01 Jul 1711Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I24103 Bryant 
25 Chalker, Sarah  Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23577 Bryant 
26 Chapman, Anna  Sep 1649Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21981 Bryant 
27 Chapman, Dorcas  Sep 1680Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21972 Bryant 
28 Chapman, Margaret  14 Feb 1717Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22285 Bryant 
29 Chapman, Mary  05 Apr 1726Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21984 Bryant 
30 Chapman, Mehetabel  01 Mar 1697/98Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22297 Bryant 
31 Chapman, Nathaniel  05 Apr 1726Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21983 Bryant 
32 Chapman, Rebecca  Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21999 Bryant 
33 Chapman, Robert Capt.  13 Oct 1687Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21977 Bryant 
34 Chapman, Sarah  15 Oct 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21970 Bryant 
35 Chapman, Sarah  23 Jan 1686/87Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21975 Bryant 
36 Chapman, Sarah  05 Feb 1716Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21991 Bryant 
37 Chapman, son  10 Mar 1684Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21974 Bryant 
38 Chapman, son  09 Nov 1689Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21976 Bryant 
39 Chapman, Stephen  03 Feb 1707/8Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I22298 Bryant 
40 Chapman, Stephen  14 Mar 1686Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21973 Bryant 
41 Chittenden, Phebe  25 Feb 1746/47Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I50616 Bryant 
42 Clark, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1731Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I32983 Bryant 
43 Griswold, Joseph  30 Jun 1655Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21989 Bryant 
44 Griswold, Margaret  21 Dec 1750Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21965 Bryant 
45 Griswold, Sarah  07 Apr 1692Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I21967 Bryant 
46 Hawley, Elizabeth  10 May 1676Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23806 Bryant 
47 Hyde, Hester  13 Nov 1703Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I24004 Bryant 
48 Ingham, Ebenezer  08 Aug 1783Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I24123 Bryant 
49 Ingham, Joseph  28 Dec 1710Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23282 Bryant 
50 Ingham, Mary  Dec 1811Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23835 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bushnell, Richard  01 Dec 1659Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut I23055 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   14 Apr 1670Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1780 Bryant 
2 / Nettleton  20 Nov 1717Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1572 Bryant 
3 Bate / Chapman  02 May 1676Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1520 Bryant 
4 Bates / Bull  18 Sep 1707Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1664 Bryant 
5 Bates / Chalker  10 Dec 1712Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1665 Bryant 
6 Bates / Jordan  05 Apr 1705Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1647 Bryant 
7 Bliss / Burchard  latter end of Oct 1644Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1535 Bryant 
8 Buckingham / Griswold  16 Dec 1691Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1644 Bryant 
9 Bull / Chapman  27 Dec 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1517 Bryant 
10 Bushnell /   30 Sep 1765Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1585 Bryant 
11 Bushnell /   09 Dec 1741Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1494 Bryant 
12 Bushnell / Bates  04 Mar 1730Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1660 Bryant 
13 Bushnell / Bushnell  28 Oct 1750Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1584 Bryant 
14 Bushnell / Chapman  Abt 1643Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1532 Bryant 
15 Bushnell / Chapman  21 Jan 1713Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1561 Bryant 
16 Bushnell / Ingham  17 Nov 1730Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1594 Bryant 
17 Bushnell / Jordan  10 Apr 1701Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1782 Bryant 
18 Bushnell / Jordan?  09 Jun 1705Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1601 Bryant 
19 Bushnell / Pratt  19 Apr 1700Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1589 Bryant 
20 Bushnell / Rudd  07 Oct 1675Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1579 Bryant 
21 Bushnell / Sanford  17 Apr 1684Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1708 Bryant 
22 Bushnell / Seymour  May 1682Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1598 Bryant 
23 Bushnell / Stratton  07 Oct 1673Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1600 Bryant 
24 Chalker / Barber  19 Nov 1691Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1827 Bryant 
25 Chalker / Bull  07 Nov 1676Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1882 Bryant 
26 Chalker / Chapman  14 Dec 1727Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1564 Bryant 
27 Chalker / Ingham  23 Sep 1686Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1828 Bryant 
28 Chalker / Post  27 Sep 1649Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1670 Bryant 
29 Chalker / Sanford  16 Jan 1679/80Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1707 Bryant 
30 Champion /   Aug 1647Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F2031 Bryant 
31 Chapman / Beaumont  26 Mar 1677Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1516 Bryant 
32 Chapman / Bliss  29 Apr 1642Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1510 Bryant 
33 Chapman / Collins  29 Jun 1681Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1518 Bryant 
34 Chapman / Durant  29 Oct 1694Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1509 Bryant 
35 Chapman / Griswold  27 Jul 1671Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1508 Bryant 
36 Chapman / Griswold  06 Dec 1693Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1499 Bryant 
37 Chapman / Hawley  07 Jun 1670Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1515 Bryant 
38 Chapman / Jones  05 Jun 1738Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1493 Bryant 
39 Clark / Griswold  07 Mar 1677/78Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1525 Bryant 
40 Clark / Jones  06 May 1712Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F3838 Bryant 
41 Cozzens / Chalker  07 Mar 1677/78Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1857 Bryant 
42 Dudley / Chapman  31 Oct 1732Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1565 Bryant 
43 Ely / Chapman  31 May 1829Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1487 Bryant 
44 Griswold /   Abt 1652Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1511 Bryant 
45 Hill / Post  23 Dec 1673Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1855 Bryant 
46 Hilliard / Bushnell  01 Jan 1772Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1574 Bryant 
47 Hough / Bate  18 Aug 1685Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1749 Bryant 
48 Hough / Bates  18 Apr 1707Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1663 Bryant 
49 Ingham /   Abt 1684Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1800 Bryant 
50 Ingham / Bushnell  20 Jun 1655Saybrook, Middlesex Co, Connecticut F1785 Bryant 

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