Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.51117, Longitude: -70.90942


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyce, Joseph Jr.  Abt 1672Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26621 Bryant 
2 Boyce, Margaret  1689Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26580 Bryant 
3 Carrill, Abigail  28 Oct 1698Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24260 Bryant 
4 Carrill, Benjamin  13 Jun 1702Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I32214 Bryant 
5 Carrill, Joseph  22 May 1696Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I32213 Bryant 
6 Carrill, Mary  1661Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I38372 Bryant 
7 Eborne, Samuel  1639Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26139 Bryant 
8 Edson, Elizabeth  1643Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I6597 Bryant 
9 Foster, Joseph  1664Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26587 Bryant 
10 Foster, Margaret  04 Feb 1697Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I37914 Bryant 
11 Foster, Mary  08 Nov 1694Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I37921 Bryant 
12 Fuller, John  Abt 1647Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I50447 Bryant 
13 Fuller, Ruth  10 Oct 1718Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I62337 Bryant 
14 Marsh, Elizabeth  08 Jul 1646Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26823 Bryant 
15 Meacham, Jeremiah  03 Jan 1649Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26584 Bryant 
16 Moore, Elizabeth  Abt 1640Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I30331 Bryant 
17 Mowry, Joseph  1647Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I46766 Bryant 
18 Raymond, Joshua  13 Mar 1639Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I66272 Bryant 
19 Southwick, Provided  1635Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26868 Bryant 
20 Trask, Abigail  19 Nov 1664Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26612 Bryant 
21 Trask, Ebenezer  Abt 1733Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24257 Bryant 
22 Trask, Elias  13 Jul 1679Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26577 Bryant 
23 Trask, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1645Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26141 Bryant 
24 Trask, Hannah (Anna)  14 Apr 1654Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24266 Bryant 
25 Trask, Henry  Apr 1669Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26593 Bryant 
26 Trask, John  13 Sep 1642Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I17048 Bryant 
27 Trask, John  07 Jan 1666Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26616 Bryant 
28 Trask, Jonathan  Abt 1682Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26579 Bryant 
29 Trask, Mary  14 Aug 1652Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26583 Bryant 
30 Trask, Mary  14 Jul 1669Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26617 Bryant 
31 Trask, Nicholas  26 Mar 1677Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24263 Bryant 
32 Trask, Nicholas  1705Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26561 Bryant 
33 Trask, Rebecca  23 Apr 1674Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26620 Bryant 
34 Trask, Robert  Abt 1696Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24259 Bryant 
35 Trask, Samuel  14 Aug 1671Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26619 Bryant 
36 Trask, Sarah  01 Jan 1634Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I17053 Bryant 
37 Trask, Sarah  27 Jul 1656Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26590 Bryant 
38 Trask, William Jr.  Jul 1640Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15849 Bryant 
39 Trask, William  07 Sep 1674Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I13173 Bryant 
40 Wilson, Anna  14 Apr 1674Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24264 Bryant 
41 Wilson, Hannah  25 Jan 1659/60Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I45542 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyce, Joseph Jr.  1723Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26621 Bryant 
2 Carrill, Nathaniel  1724Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I40737 Bryant 
3 Eborne, Samuel  Bef 30 Jun 1721Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26139 Bryant 
4 Larimore, Thomas  Aft 02 Jun 1704Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26614 Bryant 
5 Parkman, Deliverance  Nov 1715Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26605 Bryant 
6 Pease, Robert  1644Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I35999 Bryant 
7 Putnam, Anna  14 Nov 1676Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15850 Bryant 
8 Southwick, John  26 Oct 1672Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26832 Bryant 
9 Southwick, Provided  04 Feb 1727/28Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26856 Bryant 
10 Trask, Henry  1689Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24267 Bryant 
11 Trask, Jonathan  Bef 11 Feb 1754Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26579 Bryant 
12 Trask, William  16 May 1666Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I16166 Bryant 
13 Trask, William Jr.  Bef 26 Mar 1691Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15849 Bryant 
14 Warren, Sarah  1632Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15385 Bryant 
15 Wilson, Robert  Bef 08 May 1681Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24265 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Trask, William  Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I16166 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gaskill, Samuel  07 Aug 1639Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26857 Bryant 
2 Southwick, Provided  06 Dec 1639Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26856 Bryant 
3 Trask, Mary  01 Jan 1637Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I23434 Bryant 
4 Trask, Susanna  10 Jun 1638Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I23435 Bryant 
5 Very, Keziah  06 Jun 1714Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26569 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Parkman, Elias  20 Aug 1662Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I17050 Bryant 
2 Southwick, Lawrence  29 Nov 1660Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26581 Bryant 
3 Trask, William Jr.  30 Jun 1691Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15849 Bryant 
4 Wilson, Robert  28 Jun 1681Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I24265 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eborne, Samuel  18 Apr 1720Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26139 Bryant 
2 Trask, Elias  18 Apr 1741Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I26577 Bryant 
3 Trask, John  01 Nov 1729Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I17048 Bryant 
4 Trask, William  15 May 1666Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I16166 Bryant 
5 Trask, William Jr.  05 Sep 1690Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts I15849 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   Bef 1642Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2304 Bryant 
2 / Burnell  20 Nov 1684Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2407 Bryant 
3 / Clark  04 May 1659Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2248 Bryant 
4 Boyce / Trask  1695Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2244 Bryant 
5 Carrill / Foster  18 Apr 1721Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2617 Bryant 
6 Carrill / Foster  11 Nov 1726Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2618 Bryant 
7 Carrill / Maine  Jul 1695Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1909 Bryant 
8 Caryl / Pease  07 Jun 1659Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1910 Bryant 
9 Eborne / Trask  19 Feb 1663/64Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1836 Bryant 
10 Fuller / Bowen  Abt 1639Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F3440 Bryant 
11 Gaskill / Southwick  30 Dec 1662Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2306 Bryant 
12 Larimore / Trask  Abt 1695Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2240 Bryant 
13 Meacham / Trask  03 Jan 1672Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2231 Bryant 
14 Parkman / Clark  Aft 25 Mar 1689Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2237 Bryant 
15 Parkman / Trask  13 Oct 1656Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1267 Bryant 
16 Parkman / Verin  09 Dec 1673Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2234 Bryant 
17 Parkman / Waite  Aft 14 Jan 1681/82Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2236 Bryant 
18 Potter / Trask  1691Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2245 Bryant 
19 Rowland / Trask  1687Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2241 Bryant 
20 Shillaber / Trask  Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2243 Bryant 
21 Slue / Trask  28 Dec 1735Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2225 Bryant 
22 Southwick /   Aft May 1642Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2301 Bryant 
23 Southwick /   12 May 1668Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2302 Bryant 
24 Southwick / Boyce  10 Dec 1653Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2307 Bryant 
25 Southwick / Burnell  03 Feb 1669Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2303 Bryant 
26 Trask / Boyce  23 Feb 1709/10Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2230 Bryant 
27 Trask / Carrill  26 Jan 1731/32Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1906 Bryant 
28 Trask / Clark  13 Feb 1717/18Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1264 Bryant 
29 Trask / Marston  23 Oct 1701Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2227 Bryant 
30 Trask / Parkman  19 Feb 1662/63Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1263 Bryant 
31 Trask / Putnam  18 Jan 1666Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F900 Bryant 
32 Trask / Southwick  1652Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1916 Bryant 
33 Trask / Swinnerton  17 May 1712Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2228 Bryant 
34 Trask / Very  17 Oct 1738Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2222 Bryant 
35 Wheaton / Bowen  1636Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1107 Bryant 
36 Wilson / Buffam  12 Aug 1658Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F1914 Bryant 
37 Wilson / Cooke  Abt 1685Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F3066 Bryant 

Marriage Banns

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID   Tree 
1 Trask / Martin  02 Mar 1727/28Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2218 Bryant 
2 Very / Trask  04 Dec 1734Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts F2224 Bryant 
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