Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.33762, Longitude: -71.09549


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldis, John  08 May 1711Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I20642 Bryant 
2 Bass, Joseph  Abt 1639Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I33019 Bryant 
3 Bass, Ruth  Abt 1637Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I33016 Bryant 
4 Bass, Thomas  1635Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I32934 Bryant 
5 Clark, James  11 Apr 1652Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49011 Bryant 
6 Craft, Abigail  08 Mar 1634Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11019 Bryant 
7 Davis, Jane  24 Dec 1670Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66327 Bryant 
8 Heath, Abigail  16 Aug 1660Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15470 Bryant 
9 Heath, Abigail  12 Jul 1704Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49008 Bryant 
10 Heath, accused illegitimate  06 May 1699Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66326 Bryant 
11 Heath, Anna  24 Sep 1706Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44283 Bryant 
12 Heath, Dorothy  18 Dec 1670Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49017 Bryant 
13 Heath, Hannah  23 Dec 1654Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44109 Bryant 
14 Heath, Joseph  23 Dec 1660Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49013 Bryant 
15 Heath, Joseph  06 Sep 1666Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49016 Bryant 
16 Heath, Joseph  29 Nov 1690Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44306 Bryant 
17 Heath, Lucy  29 Aug 1694Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49003 Bryant 
18 Heath, Margaret  29 Aug 1694Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44307 Bryant 
19 Heath, Mehitable  07 Feb 1661/62Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49014 Bryant 
20 Heath, Peleg  18 Sep 1668Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44110 Bryant 
21 Heath, Peleg  02 Oct 1696Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44308 Bryant 
22 Heath, Peleg  26 Jul 1700Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44183 Bryant 
23 Heath, Samuel  27 Dec 1701Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44282 Bryant 
24 Heath, Susanna  23 Nov 1693Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49004 Bryant 
25 Heath, William  30 Jan 1663/64Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44111 Bryant 
26 Heath, William  25 Sep 1686Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44304 Bryant 
27 Johnson, Elizabeth  24 Dec 1637Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46735 Bryant 
28 Morris, Isaac  16 Sep 1656Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I48124 Bryant 
29 Peake, Jonathan  17 Dec 1637Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15941 Bryant 
30 Ruggles, Anna  30 Sep 1672Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66325 Bryant 
31 Ruggles, Elizabeth  01 May 1677Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66350 Bryant 
32 Ruggles, Hannah  21 Jan 1655/56Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66343 Bryant 
33 Ruggles, Hannah  11 Dec 1661Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66346 Bryant 
34 Ruggles, Henry  07 Jul 1681Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66351 Bryant 
35 Ruggles, Huldah  04 Jul 1684Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66352 Bryant 
36 Ruggles, Joseph  12 Feb 1659/60Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66345 Bryant 
37 Ruggles, Mary  10 Jan 1656/57Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66344 Bryant 
38 Ruggles, Mary  11 Dec 1666Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I48126 Bryant 
39 Ruggles, Nathaniel  22 Nov 1674Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66349 Bryant 
40 Ruggles, Samuel Jr.  01 Jan 1658Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42875 Bryant 
41 Ruggles, Sarah  30 Aug 1669Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66347 Bryant 
42 Ruggles, Thomas  10 Mar 1670/71Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66348 Bryant 
43 Turner, Isaac  25 Aug 1654Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16474 Bryant 
44 Weld, Hannah  16 Jul 1666Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44284 Bryant 
45 Wood, Mary  Dec 1642Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15203 Bryant 
46 Wood, Sarah  Dec 1642Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I32935 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barbara  Nov 1636Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66359 Bryant 
2 Bright, Anna  05 Sep 1711Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I65095 Bryant 
3 Crafts, Griffin  04 Oct 1689Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10691 Bryant 
4 Curtis, Mary  14 Feb 1674Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44431 Bryant 
5 Curtis, William  08 Dec 1672Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I30354 Bryant 
6 Eliot, Sarah  26 Mar 1673Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I30351 Bryant 
7 Fisher, Anthony  18 Apr 1671Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10437 Bryant 
8 Fowle, Hannah  24 Oct 1669Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42889 Bryant 
9 Heath, Abigail  Abt 15 Oct 1658Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49012 Bryant 
10 Heath, Abigail  28 Dec 1707Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49008 Bryant 
11 Heath, Dorothy  03 Nov 1678Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49017 Bryant 
12 Heath, Hannah  01 Apr 1683Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44109 Bryant 
13 Heath, Isaac  21 Jan 1660/61Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35250 Bryant 
14 Heath, Isaac  29 Dec 1694Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35242 Bryant 
15 Heath, Joseph  09 Jan 1661Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49013 Bryant 
16 Heath, Joseph  10 Dec 1674Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49016 Bryant 
17 Heath, Peleg  18 Nov 1671Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35246 Bryant 
18 Heath, Peleg  27 Jan 1696/97Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44308 Bryant 
19 Heath, William  29 May 1652Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35239 Bryant 
20 Heath, William  03 Nov 1738Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44111 Bryant 
21 Johnson, John  30 Sep 1659Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35270 Bryant 
22 Lyon, William  Abt 20 May 1692Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I53773 Bryant 
23 Miller, Elizabeth  Bef 14 Jan 1665Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35251 Bryant 
24 Morris, Isaac  21 Oct 1715Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I48124 Bryant 
25 Perry, Mary  Dec 1659Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35243 Bryant 
26 Pidge, Mary  19 Feb 1663Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15201 Bryant 
27 Robinson, Mary  24 Mar 1654/55Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23211 Bryant 
28 Ruggles, Anna  Bef 03 Mar 1758Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66325 Bryant 
29 Ruggles, John  15 Sep 1658Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23652 Bryant 
30 Ruggles, John  06 Aug 1664Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66358 Bryant 
31 Ruggles, Samuel  15 Aug 1692Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42888 Bryant 
32 Ruggles, Samuel Jr.  25 Feb 1715Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42875 Bryant 
33 Ruggles, Thomas  15 Nov 1644Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44430 Bryant 
34 Weld, Hannah  21 Jun 1697Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44284 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Heath, Isaac  23 Jan 1660/61Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35250 Bryant 
2 Heath, William  30 May 1652Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35239 Bryant 
3 Johnson, John  01 Oct 1659Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35270 Bryant 
4 Lyon, William  21 May 1692Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I53773 Bryant 
5 Miller, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1664/65Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35251 Bryant 
6 Perry, Mary  15 Dec 1659Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35243 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burt, Elizabeth  04 Dec 1638Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I60311 Bryant 
2 Cheney, Mehitable  01 Jun 1643Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15529 Bryant 
3 Heath, Abigail  10 Oct 1658Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49012 Bryant 
4 Heath, Hannah  28 Mar 1687/88Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44305 Bryant 
5 Heath, Susanna  01 Dec 1652Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I49010 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Heath, William  21 Nov 1738Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44111 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davis, Tobias  09 Jun 1684Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I5902 Bryant 
2 Heath, William  07 Sep 1735Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44111 Bryant 
3 Ruggles, Anna  06 Nov 1751Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66325 Bryant 
4 Ruggles, John  09 Sep 1658Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23652 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Deighton  1635Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1887 Bryant 
2 / Deighton  14 Apr 1644Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1888 Bryant 
3 / Parker  15 Oct 1662Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2111 Bryant 
4 Bass / Howard  Abt 1648Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2636 Bryant 
5 Bowen / Barker  14 Apr 1684Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2691 Bryant 
6 Clark / Heath  27 Apr 1681Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2962 Bryant 
7 Cook / Mayo  27 Jan 1793Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1167 Bryant 
8 Davis / Kingman  13 Dec 1649Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F398 Bryant 
9 Heath / Barker  05 Dec 1652Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2686 Bryant 
10 Heath / Davis  16 Dec 1650Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1126 Bryant 
11 Heath / Ruggles  1699Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2963 Bryant 
12 Heath / Weld  11 Nov 1685Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2964 Bryant 
13 Lyon / Ruggles  17 Jun 1646Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3601 Bryant 
14 Morris /   02 Mar 1680Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3295 Bryant 
15 Peake / French  15 Aug 1660Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1195 Bryant 
16 Ruggles / Bright  26 May 1670Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2952 Bryant 
17 Ruggles / Craft  24 Jan 1650Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F627 Bryant 
18 Ruggles / Fowle  10 Jan 1654/55Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2951 Bryant 
19 Ruggles / Woodbridge  08 Jul 1680Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2950 Bryant 
20 Seaver / Heath  02 Dec 1714Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3017 Bryant 
21 Smith / Heath  10 Jan 1691/92Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3384 Bryant 
22 Weld / Clap  20 Apr 1639Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1807 Bryant 
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