Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts


Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 41.84252, Longitude: -71.242217

Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.84252, Longitude: -71.242217


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Hunt, Sarah  21 Jan 1646Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44459 Bryant 
52 Ingraham, Abigail  Abt 1636Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55076 Bryant 
53 Ingraham, Joanna  1650Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55075 Bryant 
54 Kelley, Cyrel  19 Feb 1743/44Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I47760 Bryant 
55 Kelley, Lydia  15 Jul 1742Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I47759 Bryant 
56 Lombard, Joshua  16 Jan 1660Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50490 Bryant 
57 Mann, Mehitable  17 Apr 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I26631 Bryant 
58 Mason, Benjamin  20 Oct 1670Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50972 Bryant 
59 Mason, Bethiah  15 Oct 1665Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50969 Bryant 
60 Mason, Isaac  15 Jul 1667Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50970 Bryant 
61 Mason, James  30 Oct 1661Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50967 Bryant 
62 Mason, Joseph  06 Mar 1662/63Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50968 Bryant 
63 Mason, Mary  07 Feb 1659/60Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50966 Bryant 
64 Mason, Peletiah  01 Apr 1669Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50971 Bryant 
65 Mason, Sarah  15 Feb 1657/58Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50965 Bryant 
66 Mason, Thankful  27 Oct 1672Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50553 Bryant 
67 Millard, Nehemiah  06 Jun 1668Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I13861 L C Earle's Family 
68 Millard, Robert  20 Apr 1702Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I13863 L C Earle's Family 
69 Miller, Elizabeth  Oct 1659Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I53005 Bryant 
70 Paine, Rachel  13 Jul 1705Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I42634 Bryant 
71 Paine, Rebecca  20 Dec 1656Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44460 Bryant 
72 Peck, Elisha  11 Apr 1673Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52851 Bryant 
73 Peck, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1695Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44481 Bryant 
74 Peck, Hannah  21 Jul 1697Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44482 Bryant 
75 Peck, Hezekiah  01 Apr 1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52848 Bryant 
76 Peck, Israel  18 Dec 1697Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44468 Bryant 
77 Peck, Jabez  20 Aug 1738Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44480 Bryant 
78 Peck, Jerusha  18 Nov 1724Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44186 Bryant 
79 Peck, John  08 Aug 1660Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52847 Bryant 
80 Peck, Jonathan  05 Nov 1666Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44464 Bryant 
81 Peck, Joseph  27 Oct 1657Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44233 Bryant 
82 Peck, Joseph  02 May 1689Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44476 Bryant 
83 Peck, Joseph  27 May 1690Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44227 Bryant 
84 Peck, Judith  13 Aug 1690Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I26700 Bryant 
85 Peck, Lydia  08 Nov 1704Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44470 Bryant 
86 Peck, Margaret  28 Sep 1706Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44471 Bryant 
87 Peck, Mary  15 Sep 1664Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51776 Bryant 
88 Peck, Mary  27 Jul 1686Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44466 Bryant 
89 Peck, Mary  17 May 1737Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44479 Bryant 
90 Peck, Nicholas  06 Jun 1669Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52850 Bryant 
91 Peck, Nicholas  10 Aug 1693Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44467 Bryant 
92 Peck, Stephen  01 Jan 1701/2Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44469 Bryant 
93 Peck, Winchester  31 Oct 1726Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44478 Bryant 
94 Smith, Abiel  24 Dec 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51782 Bryant 
95 Smith, Elizabeth  07 Dec 1663Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44234 Bryant 
96 Smith, John  06 Aug 1661Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51779 Bryant 
97 Smith, Joshua  02 Oct 1658Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51775 Bryant 
98 Smith, Judith  17 Feb 1665Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51778 Bryant 
99 Smith, Mary  22 Nov 1670Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51781 Bryant 
100 Smith, Thomas  15 Jun 1667Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51777 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
51 Millard, Nehemiah  23 Jul 1751Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I13861 L C Earle's Family 
52 Millerd, Robert  1699Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I24716 Bryant 
53 Paine, Rebecca  27 Jun 1699Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44460 Bryant 
54 Peck, Bathsheba  28 May 1703Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51780 Bryant 
55 Peck, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1707Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44481 Bryant 
56 Peck, Hannah  16 Oct 1730Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44482 Bryant 
57 Peck, Jabez  05 Dec 1743Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44480 Bryant 
58 Peck, John  16 Aug 1660Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I52847 Bryant 
59 Peck, Joseph  25 Dec 1663Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44450 Bryant 
60 Peck, Joseph  14 May 1689Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44476 Bryant 
61 Peck, Joseph  Bef 08 Oct 1720Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44233 Bryant 
62 Peck, Joseph  06 Jan 1741/42Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44227 Bryant 
63 Peck, Mary  07 Feb 1755Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51776 Bryant 
64 Peck, Mary  07 Feb 1775Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44466 Bryant 
65 Peck, Nathaniel  Abt 11 Aug 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I41890 Bryant 
66 Peck, Nicholas  27 May 1710Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44235 Bryant 
67 Peck, Samuel  30 Apr 1708Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44458 Bryant 
68 Preston, Elizabeth  Abt 25 May 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44456 Bryant 
69 Sabin, Elizabeth  1718Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I24717 Bryant 
70 Salisbury, Mary  May 1725Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I50499 Bryant 
71 Shore, Phoebe  11 Mar 1718Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I13860 L C Earle's Family 
72 Smith, Daniel  28 Apr 1692Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44488 Bryant 
73 Smith, Henry  Abt 23 Nov 1676Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44473 Bryant 
74 Smith, Joshua  20 Sep 1719Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51775 Bryant 
75 Smith, Mary  22 Mar 1735Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51781 Bryant 
76 Sutton, Ester  Nov 1688Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I55182 Bryant 
77 Sweeting, Henry  08 Apr 1728Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I51881 Bryant 
78 Thurber, Mary  05 Oct 1674Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44263 Bryant 
79 Winchester, Alexander  16 Jul 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44437 Bryant 
80 Winchester, Mary  06 Nov 1657Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts I44236 Bryant 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
51 Millard / Shore  03 Mar 1697Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F99 L C Earle's Family 
52 Millerd / Sabin  1662Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F898 Bryant 
53 Minor / Palmer  03 Apr 1634Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3881 Bryant 
54 Peck / Carpenter  09 Nov 1727Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3045 Bryant 
55 Peck / Hunt  01 Jun 1666Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3039 Bryant 
56 Peck / Lake  Feb 1703/4Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3589 Bryant 
57 Peck / Paine  21 Nov 1677Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3040 Bryant 
58 Peck / Peck  29 Nov 1721Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3044 Bryant 
59 Peck / Pettis  26 Feb 1735/36Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2988 Bryant 
60 Peck / Preston  30 Dec 1668Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3037 Bryant 
61 Peck / Smith  11 Dec 1684Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2989 Bryant 
62 Peck / Sweetland  22 Mar 1732/33Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3046 Bryant 
63 Rhodes / Arnold  29 Jun 1647Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F915 Bryant 
64 Robinson / Ingraham  18 Jun 1651Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3607 Bryant 
65 Rockwood /   05 Jan 1680/81Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F748 Bryant 
66 Savage / Bowen  16 May 1672Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3620 Bryant 
67 Smith / Chickering  20 Oct 1659Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3050 Bryant 
68 Smith / Cooper  29 Nov 1657Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F2993 Bryant 
69 Smith / Peck  09 Feb 1687Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3508 Bryant 
70 Smith / Peck  14 Oct 1691Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3509 Bryant 
71 Smith / Smith  05 Nov 1651Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3506 Bryant 
72 Wheaton / Mason  07 Jan 1684Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts F3485 Bryant 

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