Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 41.952751, Longitude: -70.66996


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allerton, Isaac  Between 22 May 1627 and 1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44506 Bryant 
2 Allerton, Sarah  1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44505 Bryant 
3 Atwood, Mary  Abt 1643Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I39540 Bryant 
4 Billington, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I34175 Bryant 
5 Brewster, Lydia  11 Feb 1679/80Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50449 Bryant 
6 Clark, William  1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I22669 Bryant 
7 Cole, Anna  14 Oct 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44244 Bryant 
8 Cole, Elizabeth  Est 1657Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41405 Bryant 
9 Cole, Hugh  08 Mar 1658Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51874 Bryant 
10 Cole, James  03 Nov 1655Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51873 Bryant 
11 Cole, John  15 May 1660Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51876 Bryant 
12 Cole, Joseph  15 May 1668Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51890 Bryant 
13 Cole, Martha  14 Apr 1662Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51880 Bryant 
14 Cole, Ruth  08 Jan 1666Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51888 Bryant 
15 Cooke, Martha  16 Mar 1659/60Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41403 Bryant 
16 Cushman, Desire  09 Feb 1672/73Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44238 Bryant 
17 Cushman, Eleazer  20 Feb 1655/56Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44320 Bryant 
18 Cushman, Feare  20 Jun 1653Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50441 Bryant 
19 Cushman, Isaac  08 Feb 1647/48Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44318 Bryant 
20 Cushman, Job  1680Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50448 Bryant 
21 Cushman, Lydia  Abt 1662Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44322 Bryant 
22 Cushman, Martha (Mary)  1641Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50439 Bryant 
23 Cushman, Robert  04 Oct 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44312 Bryant 
24 Cushman, Samuel  16 Jul 1687Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50451 Bryant 
25 Cushman, Sarah  Abt 1639Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50436 Bryant 
26 Cushman, Thomas  16 Sep 1637Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44239 Bryant 
27 Cushman, Thomas  1670Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44316 Bryant 
28 Eaton, Sarah  20 Oct 1695Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50454 Bryant 
29 Harlow, Rebecca  12 Jun 1655Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44319 Bryant 
30 Harlow, William Jr.  02 Jun 1657Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44323 Bryant 
31 Hicks, Ephriam  Aft 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I22055 Bryant 
32 Howland, Elizabeth  Est 1631Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I22059 Bryant 
33 Howland, Hannah  Est 1637Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I19236 Bryant 
34 Howland, Hope  30 Aug 1629Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44324 Bryant 
35 Howland, Isaac  15 Nov 1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44329 Bryant 
36 Howland, Jabez  Abt 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44328 Bryant 
37 Howland, Joseph  Est 1640Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42324 Bryant 
38 Howland, Lydia  Feb 1634/35Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44326 Bryant 
39 Howland, Ruth  Abt 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44240 Bryant 
40 Pratt, John  Abt 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42198 Bryant 
41 Pratt, Mercy  Est 1645Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I15087 Bryant 
42 Pratt, Samuel  Est 1637Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I29617 Bryant 
43 Southworth, Elizabeth  Est 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42323 Bryant 
44 West, Judah Jr.  1721Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I47773 Bryant 
45 Wood, David  17 Oct 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I29962 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allerton, Mary  28 Nov 1699Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41406 Bryant 
2 Bartlett, Joseph Jr.  09 Apr 1703Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I30532 Bryant 
3 Brewster, Fear  Bef 12 Dec 1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41160 Bryant 
4 Cole, Elizabeth  04 Jan 1681/82Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41405 Bryant 
5 Cole, James  Aft 1678Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51871 Bryant 
6 Cole, James  04 Oct 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I53038 Bryant 
7 Coombs, Elizabeth  Aft 14 Oct 1723Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44321 Bryant 
8 Cushman, Job  21 May 1740Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50448 Bryant 
9 Cushman, Lydia  11 Feb 1718/19Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44322 Bryant 
10 Cushman, Sarah  Bef 21 Dec 1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I46127 Bryant 
11 Cushman, Thomas  11 Dec 1691Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41407 Bryant 
12 Godbertson, Godbert  Bef 24 Oct 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42234 Bryant 
13 Griswold, Lydia  06 Jan 1752Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I21996 Bryant 
14 Harlow, Rebecca  27 Sep 1727Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44319 Bryant 
15 Harlow, William Jr.  28 Jan 1711/12Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44323 Bryant 
16 Hicks, Ephriam  12 Dec 1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I22055 Bryant 
17 Howland, John  23 Feb 1672/73Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I19254 Bryant 
18 Howland, Joseph  01 Jan 1703/4Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42324 Bryant 
19 Norris, Mary  25 Feb 1620/21Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I41159 Bryant 
20 Priest, Degory  01 Jan 1620/21Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I42228 Bryant 
21 Richards, Alice  12 Dec 1671Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I15414 Bryant 
22 Tibbes, Mary  Aft 07 Mar 1660Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I51901 Bryant 
23 Tilley, John  Between Jan 1620/21 and Mar 1620/21Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I19256 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Griswold, Hannah  1687Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I21992 Bryant 
2 Griswold, Lydia  1752Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I21996 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cushman, Bartholomew  13 Mar 1684Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50450 Bryant 
2 Cushman, Benjamin  01 Mar 1691Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I50453 Bryant 
3 Winchester, Mary  19 Nov 1637Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts I44236 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Lee  Bef 1647Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2640 Bryant 
2 Allerton / Brewster  22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2676 Bryant 
3 Allerton / Swinnerton  Abt 1652Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3052 Bryant 
4 Almy / Cole  Bef 1668Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3598 Bryant 
5 Bartlett / Griswold  06 Jun 1692Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F1529 Bryant 
6 Chipman / Howland  1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3025 Bryant 
7 Clark /   01 Mar 1659/60Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F1738 Bryant 
8 Clark /   03 Aug 1692Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F1739 Bryant 
9 Cole /   Bef Sep 1678Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3594 Bryant 
10 Cole / Foxwell  08 Jan 1654/55Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2888 Bryant 
11 Cole / Lettice  01 Jan 1688/89Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2887 Bryant 
12 Cole / Ryder  21 Nov 1667Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3596 Bryant 
13 Cole / Shelley  30 Jan 1693/94Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2889 Bryant 
14 Cole / Tilson  23 Dec 1652Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2894 Bryant 
15 Cooke / Lettice  18 Nov 1669Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2539 Bryant 
16 Cushman / Cole  10 Feb 1676/77Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2892 Bryant 
17 Cushman / Cooke  02 Mar 1683Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2891 Bryant 
18 Cushman / Coombs  12 Jan 1687/88Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3023 Bryant 
19 Cushman / Harlow  Abt 1675Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3022 Bryant 
20 Cushman / Howland  17 Nov 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2997 Bryant 
21 Dickenson / Howland  10 Jul 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F1557 Bryant 
22 Gorham / Howland  Abt 1643Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2953 Bryant 
23 Harlow / Cushman  Abt 03 Jan 1683Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3024 Bryant 
24 Harlow / Shelley  25 Jan 1665/66Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3004 Bryant 
25 Hicks / Howland  13 Sep 1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F1556 Bryant 
26 Hoskins / Cushman  02 Nov 1636Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F3076 Bryant 
27 Howland / Lee  26 Oct 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2476 Bryant 
28 Howland / Southworth  07 Dec 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2932 Bryant 
29 Shurtleff / Lettice  18 Oct 1655Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2886 Bryant 
30 Willett / Brown  06 Jul 1636Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F411 Bryant 

Marriage Banns

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cooke /   10 Jun 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts F2538 Bryant 
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