Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.14014, Longitude: -71.39703


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Partridge, Martha  16 Mar 1718Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11751 Bryant 
2 Partridge, Elizabeth  17 Aug 1720Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11752 Bryant 
3 Partridge, Huldah  18 Jul 1722Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11026 Bryant 
4 Partridge, Jonathan  16 Jul 1724Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11753 Bryant 
5 Adams, Thomas  15 Apr 1726Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10936 Bryant 
6 Partridge, Mary  19 Jul 1726Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11754 Bryant 
7 Partridge, Ede  04 Dec 1727Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11755 Bryant 
8 Partridge, Hannah  12 Feb 1729Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11756 Bryant 
9 Daniel, Henry  08 May 1731Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16367 Bryant 
10 Partridge, Jasper  15 Apr 1732Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11757 Bryant 
11 Partridge, Learned  07 Feb 1735Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11758 Bryant 
12 Nichols, Joy  1736Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20254 Bryant 
13 Partridge, Silas  22 Jul 1737Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11759 Bryant 
14 Partridge, Thaddeus  28 Nov 1739Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11794 Bryant 
15 Partridge, Reuben  21 Nov 1741Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11795 Bryant 
16 Morse, James  05 Sep 1742Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I28732 Bryant 
17 Harding, Keziah  12 Dec 1745Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14569 Bryant 
18 Pond, Eli  17 Nov 1769Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17511 Bryant 
19 Pond, Sabin  14 Jan 1775Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17510 Bryant 
20 Wiswell, Ruth  31 May 1779Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20621 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Daniel, Joseph  23 Jun 1715Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10585 Bryant 
2 Adams, Elizabeth  14 Aug 1719Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10896 Bryant 
3 Hill, Samuel Deacon  24 Mar 1723Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11054 Bryant 
4 Adams, Peter  08 Dec 1723Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10864 Bryant 
5 Adams, Lydia  26 Dec 1731Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10919 Bryant 
6 Learned, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1738Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11035 Bryant 
7 Partridge, Stephen  10 Mar 1742Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11814 Bryant 
8 Adams, Jasper  01 Jul 1742Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10901 Bryant 
9 Partridge, John  09 Dec 1743Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11773 Bryant 
10 Rockwood, John  16 Dec 1746Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10900 Bryant 
11 Ellis, Mary  12 Sep 1747Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11893 Bryant 
12 Mason, Hannah  21 Aug 1750Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11867 Bryant 
13 Adams, John  01 Mar 1751Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10921 Bryant 
14 Partridge, Hannah  12 Oct 1751Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11811 Bryant 
15 Partridge, Samuel  12 Dec 1752Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11826 Bryant 
16 Partridge, Huldah  Mar 1762Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11026 Bryant 
17 Daniel, Ebenezer  29 Jan 1767Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11830 Bryant 
18 Partridge, James  09 Mar 1769Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10611 Bryant 
19 Daniel, Jeremiah  16 Nov 1771Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11815 Bryant 
20 Adams, Thomas  05 Dec 1773Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10936 Bryant 
21 Allen, Ebenezer  02 Apr 1778Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11046 Bryant 
22 Hill, Mary  09 Feb 1785Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11040 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Partridge / Learned  13 Nov 1717Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F629 Bryant 
2 Allen / Hill  19 Jul 1719Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F643 Bryant 
3 Partridge / Sheffield  17 Apr 1721Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F728 Bryant 
4 Adams / Partridge  13 Mar 1723Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F609 Bryant 
5 Hill / Partridge  30 May 1738Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F713 Bryant 
6 Partridge / Phipps  18 Jan 1739Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F635 Bryant 
7 Hooker / Partridge  24 Jun 1740Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F716 Bryant 
8 Hill / Partridge  22 Oct 1740Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F492 Bryant 
9 Adams / Partridge  27 Dec 1748Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F625 Bryant 
10 Bullard / Partridge  18 Jan 1750Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F718 Bryant 
11 Pond / Partridge  29 Jul 1756Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F590 Bryant 
12 Morse / Daniel  03 Jan 1760Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2425 Bryant 
13 Partridge / Harding  08 Dec 1763Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F733 Bryant 
14 Pond / Hill  Nov 1764Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F363 Bryant 
15 Partridge / Adams  08 Sep 1766Medway, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F734 Bryant 
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