Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.31474, Longitude: -71.06002


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldrich, Abel  Jun 1633Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26906 Bryant 
2 Hill, Rebecca  Abt 1634Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11072 Bryant 
3 Gillett, Jonathan Jr.  Dec 1634Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I29831 Bryant 
4 Aldrich, Joseph  04 Jun 1635Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26907 Bryant 
5 Parkman, Elias  05 Nov 1635Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I17051 Bryant 
6 Breck, Elinor  Abt 1636Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16722 Bryant 
7 Hill, Mary  Abt 1636Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11073 Bryant 
8 Aldrich, Mary  16 Jun 1637Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26908 Bryant 
9 Hill, Samuel  Abt 1638Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11074 Bryant 
10 Sumner, Samuel  18 May 1638Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I20182 Bryant 
11 Aldrich, Miriam  29 Jun 1639Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I27409 Bryant 
12 Blake, John  1640Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14765 Bryant 
13 Topliffe, Obedience  Abt Jul 1642Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68577 Bryant 
14 Sumner, Increase  23 Feb 1643Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I20096 Bryant 
15 Hill, Ebenezer  Abt 1644Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11186 Bryant 
16 Hill, Ruth  Aug 1644Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11078 Bryant 
17 Minot, John  22 Jan 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16729 Bryant 
18 Daniel, Mary  07 Jul 1650Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15198 Bryant 
19 Hill, Samuel Deacon  Abt 1654Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11054 Bryant 
20 Bate, Elizabeth  17 Dec 1654Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22784 Bryant 
21 Bate, Mary  Bef Jan 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22786 Bryant 
22 Salisbury, William  14 Aug 1659Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44243 Bryant 
23 Bate, James Lieut.  15 Apr 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22787 Bryant 
24 Bate, Margaret  17 Jul 1664Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22788 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pond, Robert  20 Dec 1637Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14116 Bryant 
2 Unknown  Abt 1646Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16733 Bryant 
3 Rigby, John  Jan 1647Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22798 Bryant 
4 Bate, James  1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22674 Bryant 
5 Clap, John  24 Jul 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23353 Bryant 
6 Breck, Thomas  03 Aug 1657Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I24409 Bryant 
7 Glover, Alice  14 Aug 1657Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22675 Bryant 
8 Heath, Hannah  28 Nov 1658Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I35248 Bryant 
9 Smith, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1660Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22540 Bryant 
10 Capen, John  02 Apr 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I17027 Bryant 
11 Breck, Edward  02 Nov 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16718 Bryant 
12 Blake, William  25 Oct 1663Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14771 Bryant 
13 Clap, Edward  08 Jan 1664/65Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14840 Bryant 
14 Withington, Henry  02 Feb 1667Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22539 Bryant 
15 Isabel  21 Jun 1673Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16719 Bryant 
16 Blackman, John  28 Apr 1675Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15475 Bryant 
17 Turner, Margery  20 May 1676Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22713 Bryant 
18 Tilden-Tileston, Frances  18 Nov 1676Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11071 Bryant 
19 Gornell (or Gurney), Jane  04 Apr 1678Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I30413 Bryant 
20 Thorne, Agnes  22 Jul 1678Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14772 Bryant 
21 Burge, John  22 Oct 1678Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I12564 Bryant 
22 Clap, Nicholas Jr.  24 Nov 1679Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23354 Bryant 
23 Cheney, William  21 Sep 1681Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I20714 Bryant 
24 Mason, John  18 Mar 1683Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I51709 Bryant 
25 Staple, John  04 Jul 1683Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I20090 Bryant 
26 Withington, Faith  03 Feb 1689Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22715 Bryant 
27 Baker, Richard  25 Oct 1689Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22718 Bryant 
28 Pond, William  04 Apr 1690Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15970 Bryant 
29 Breck, Elizabeth  06 Apr 1690Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16726 Bryant 
30 Paul, Samuel  03 Nov 1690Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16732 Bryant 
31 Minot, John  26 Jan 1691Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16729 Bryant 
32 Breck, John Capt.  17 Feb 1690/91Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16725 Bryant 
33 Clap, Elizabeth  16 Jan 1694/95Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14786 Bryant 
34 Burnap, Ann  16 Mar 1695Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I13462 Bryant 
35 Blake, James  28 Jun 1700Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14778 Bryant 
36 Withington, Richard  22 Dec 1701Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22716 Bryant 
37 Hawkins, Sarah  25 Nov 1705Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16734 Bryant 
38 Clap, Susanna  20 Feb 1712/13Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16730 Bryant 
39 Eliot, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1714Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22732 Bryant 
40 Martha  13 Sep 1715Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11084 Bryant 
41 Breck, Mary  25 Aug 1720Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16724 Bryant 
42 Tolman, John  01 Jan 1723/24Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16731 Bryant 
43 Tulman or Tolman, Hannah  04 Aug 1729Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14784 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Capen, John  Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I17027 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coggan, Abigail  1638Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23391 Bryant 
2 Hawkins, Sarah  24 Mar 1638Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16734 Bryant 
3 Whipple, John Jr.  01 Nov 1641Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I19195 Bryant 
4 Hill, Mercy  08 Jan 1643Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11077 Bryant 
5 Woodland, Thankful  09 Aug 1646Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15109 Bryant 
6 Bate, Samuel  18 Jun 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22510 Bryant 
7 Breck, Mary  06 Aug 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16724 Bryant 
8 Hill, Israel  20 Aug 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11187 Bryant 
9 Hill, Martha  20 Aug 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11188 Bryant 
10 Woodland, Martha  03 Sep 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16866 Bryant 
11 Clap, Susanna  10 Dec 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16730 Bryant 
12 Woodland, John  12 Aug 1649Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16868 Bryant 
13 Breck, John Capt.  27 Oct 1650Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16725 Bryant 
14 Hill, Mehitable  18 Feb 1651Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I11189 Bryant 
15 Breck, Elizabeth  24 May 1653Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16726 Bryant 
16 Breck, Susanna  26 Nov 1654Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16727 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clap, Thomas  24 Jul 1633Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10041 Bryant 
2 Breck, Edward  07 Aug 1635Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16718 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bate, James  14 Jan 1655/56Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22674 Bryant 
2 Breck, Edward  11 Dec 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16718 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clap, John  11 May 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23353 Bryant 
2 Bate, James  22 Nov 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22674 Bryant 
3 Breck, Edward  30 Oct 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16718 Bryant 
4 Isabel  20 Sep 1671Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16719 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Parkman /   Abt 1634Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1265 Bryant 
2 Pinney / Hull  Abt 1634Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1813 Bryant 
3 Sanford / Meadows  Abt 1635Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2419 Bryant 
4 Rigby /   1636Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1230 Bryant 
5 Capen / Clap  20 Oct 1637Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1256 Bryant 
6 Baker / Withington  Abt 1639Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1744 Bryant 
7 Holloway / Allen  Bef 1639Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3148 Bryant 
8 Breck /   Abt 1642Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1232 Bryant 
9 Breck /   Abt 1647Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1229 Bryant 
10 Capen / Bass  20 Sep 1647Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1257 Bryant 
11 Withington / Eliot  Abt 1648Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1745 Bryant 
12 Williams / Bate  Abt 1649Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1760 Bryant 
13 Blake /   Bef 1650Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1015 Bryant 
14 Blackman / Pond  Abt 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1127 Bryant 
15 Gibson / Bate  Bef 1655Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1755 Bryant 
16 Breck / Hill  12 Feb 1657Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F667 Bryant 
17 / Fletcher  08 Oct 1657Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2571 Bryant 
18 Pond / Dyer  Abt 1658Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F850 Bryant 
19 Sumner / Staple  07 Mar 1659Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1433 Bryant 
20 Copp / Topliffe  20 Feb 1660Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3869 Bryant 
21 / Tulman or Tolman  14 Dec 1661Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1021 Bryant 
22 Withington / Turner  Jun 1662Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1682 Bryant 
23 Fisher /   14 Nov 1663Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F561 Bryant 
24 Paul / Breck  09 Jan 1667Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1235 Bryant 
25 Breck / Clap  Abt 1671Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1236 Bryant 
26 Minot / Breck  11 Mar 1670/71Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1237 Bryant 
27 Crafts / Adams  15 Jul 1673Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F571 Bryant 
28 Harris / Breck  20 Mar 1673/74Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1238 Bryant 
29 Mason / Wales  15 Oct 1679Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3502 Bryant 
30 Foster / Trask  21 Nov 1683Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1915 Bryant 
31 / Burnap  18 Mar 1685Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F914 Bryant 
32 Tolman / Breck  15 Jun 1692Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1234 Bryant 
33 Pomeroy /   02 Jun 1715Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3832 Bryant 
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