Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: L C Earle's Family
City/Town : Latitude: 42.24904, Longitude: -71.1765

Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.24904, Longitude: -71.1765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Morse, Ruth  03 Jun 1637Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I25720 Bryant 
2 Morse, Samuel  10 Jan 1639Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10192 Bryant 
3 Richards, Mary  28 Sep 1639Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13461 Bryant 
4 Edwards, Ann  1640Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14109 Bryant 
5 Wight, Samuel  05 Feb 1640Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14313 Bryant 
6 Colborne, Sarah  15 Apr 1640Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11944 Bryant 
7 Morse, Hannah  08 Aug 1641Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10193 Bryant 
8 Bullard, Abigail  08 Oct 1641Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17528 Bryant 
9 Allen, Martha  11 Dec 1641Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20385 Bryant 
10 Bullard, Joseph  26 Apr 1643Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17548 Bryant 
11 Morse, Sarah  16 Sep 1643Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10194 Bryant 
12 Chickering, Ester  03 Dec 1643Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I44489 Bryant 
13 Clarke, Benjamin  09 Feb 1644Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10234 Bryant 
14 Fisher, Mary  23 Mar 1644Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I28253 Bryant 
15 Wilson, Michael  07 Aug 1644Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20729 Bryant 
16 Wight, Ephraim  27 Jan 1645Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10204 Bryant 
17 Morse, Lydia  Bef 13 Apr 1645Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10400 Bryant 
18 Morse, Dorcas  24 Aug 1645Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10195 Bryant 
19 Fisher, Joshua  30 Oct 1645Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37960 Bryant 
20 Bullard, Hannah  01 Mar 1646Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17549 Bryant 
21 Ellis, John  26 Apr 1646Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11066 Bryant 
22 Allen, James  28 Apr 1646Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10996 L C Earle's Family 
23 Fisher, Hannah  14 Feb 1647Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37964 Bryant 
24 Strickland, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1647Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27317 Bryant 
25 Morse, Elizabeth  01 Sep 1647Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10196 Bryant 
26 Fairbanks, Mary  10 Nov 1647Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10586 Bryant 
27 Bullard, Michael  21 Mar 1648Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17550 Bryant 
28 Fisher, Abigail  Feb 1648/49Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37971 Bryant 
29 Morse, Joseph  26 Sep 1649Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10197 Bryant 
30 Farrington, Mary  05 Apr 1650Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14340 Bryant 
31 Fairbanks, George  23 May 1650Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16638 L C Earle's Family 
32 Fisher, Joshua  09 Jan 1651Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17650 Bryant 
33 Farrington, Mary  26 Mar 1651Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14337 Bryant 
34 Morse, Jeremiah  10 Jun 1651Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10134 Bryant 
35 Fisher, John  18 Feb 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20495 L C Earle's Family 
36 Fisher, John  18 Feb 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20495 Bryant 
37 Farrington, Sarah  01 Sep 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14338 Bryant 
38 Pond, Abigail  05 Nov 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15279 Bryant 
39 Wilson, Mary  07 Nov 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26092 Bryant 
40 Fisher, Hannah  19 Jan 1653Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37995 Bryant 
41 Pond, Daniel  Bef 22 Jan 1653Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15280 Bryant 
42 Metcalf, Eleazer  02 Mar 1653Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15471 Bryant 
43 Pond, John  1654Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14320 Bryant 
44 Day, John  15 Apr 1654Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I16542 Bryant 
45 Farrington, John  25 Apr 1654Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14339 Bryant 
46 Fisher, Vigilence  21 Nov 1654Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23607 Bryant 
47 Farrington, Nathaniel  09 Aug 1656Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14800 Bryant 
48 Ellis, John  31 Jan 1657Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15496 Bryant 
49 Fisher, James  01 Mar 1657Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I38019 Bryant 
50 Pond, Rachel  Bef 05 Sep 1658Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15282 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Battle, Thomas  08 Feb 1705/6Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20720 Bryant 
2 Fisher, Thomas  10 Aug 1638Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14825 Bryant 
3 Fisher, Constance  01 Dec 1638Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15463 Bryant 
4 Fisher, Joshua  14 Jan 1646Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37960 Bryant 
5 Allin, Elizabeth  31 Jan 1651/52Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14826 Bryant 
6 Aldis, Mary  03 Sep 1653Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17653 Bryant 
7 Morse, Joseph  Bef 20 Jun 1654Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10145 Bryant 
8 Fisher, James  27 Sep 1658Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I38019 Bryant 
9 Shepard, Abigail  04 Jul 1661Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14115 Bryant 
10 Pond, Daniel  04 Mar 1662Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15280 Bryant 
11 Clap, John  12 Mar 1665Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37047 Bryant 
12 Bullard, John  04 Jul 1668Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17547 Bryant 
13 Allin, John Rev.  26 Aug 1671Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24159 Bryant 
14 Deighton, Katherine  29 Aug 1671Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24161 Bryant 
15 French, Elizabeth  27 May 1672Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I38034 Bryant 
16 Fisher, Joshua Lieutenant  10 Aug 1672Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17652 Bryant 
17 Aldus, Nathan  15 Mar 1676Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I48071 Bryant 
18 Pond, Joshua  24 Apr 1676Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14112 Bryant 
19 Farrington, Judith  03 May 1676Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14342 Bryant 
20 Farrington, John  27 Jun 1676Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13459 Bryant 
21 Bullard, Isaac  03 Nov 1676Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13457 Bryant 
22 Mary  01 Jan 1676/77Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I48072 Bryant 
23 Wight, Henry  27 Feb 1681Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15523 Bryant 
24 Aldis, Lydia  02 Feb 1683Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I38005 Bryant 
25 Goodenowe, Jane  16 May 1684Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15531 Bryant 
26 Bullard, William  24 Dec 1686Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I13031 Bryant 
27 Clap, Thomas Jr.  Bef 29 Jan 1691Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I23342 Bryant 
28 Pidge, John  May 1691Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14344 Bryant 
29 Fisher, Mary  06 Aug 1691Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20719 Bryant 
30 Blood, Joseph  1692Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I41550 Bryant 
31 Chickering, Annas  01 Sep 1693Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10205 Bryant 
32 Pond, Daniel Lt.  04 Feb 1698Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14108 Bryant 
33 Aldis, John  21 Dec 1700Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I30360 Bryant 
34 Clap, Thomas  28 Jan 1704Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I28240 Bryant 
35 Farrington, John  12 Oct 1721Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14339 Bryant 
36 Farrington, Nathaniel  08 May 1723Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14800 Bryant 
37 Pond, William  16 Nov 1723Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14110 Bryant 
38 Whiting, Sarah  01 Dec 1723Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I17420 Bryant 
39 Fisher, Elizabeth  14 Sep 1724Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15466 Bryant 
40 Woodward, Rebecca  21 May 1727Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15464 Bryant 
41 Gay, Mary  11 Jun 1731Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15784 Bryant 
42 Edwards, Ann  06 Jun 1732Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14109 Bryant 
43 Clap, Thomas  18 Feb 1741Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37039 Bryant 
44 Pond, Jabez  06 Nov 1749Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14113 Bryant 
45 Brackett, Ebenezer  07 Dec 1750Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I30905 Bryant 
46 Heale, Abigail  23 Jan 1772Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I30906 Bryant 
47 Gibbs, Osias  02 Apr 1776Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I29791 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pond, Ephraim  06 Jul 1656Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10671 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pond, Daniel Lt.  03 Mar 1698Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14108 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allin, John Rev.  23 Aug 1670Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24159 Bryant 
2 Pond, Daniel Lt.  02 Feb 1698Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14108 Bryant 
3 Pond, Jabez  15 Aug 1746Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I14113 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Morse / Phillips  01 Sep 1638Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F510 Bryant 
2 Bullen / Morse  10 Aug 1641Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F543 Bryant 
3 Fisher / Aldis  15 Mar 1642/43Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1308 Bryant 
4 Battle / Fisher  05 Sep 1648Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1461 Bryant 
5 Farrington / Bullard  23 Apr 1649Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F907 Bryant 
6 Ellis / French  19 Sep 1650Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1130 Bryant 
7 Aldis / Eliot  27 Sep 1650Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2567 Bryant 
8 Pond / Shepard  Abt 1651Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F593 Bryant 
9 Wight / Goodenowe  15 Jun 1652Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1131 Bryant 
10 Allin / Deighton  08 Nov 1653Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1885 Bryant 
11 Fisher / Aldis  16 Feb 1653/54Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1309 Bryant 
12 Bullard / Burnap  11 Apr 1655Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F909 Bryant 
13 / Bowers  14 Dec 1656Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F485 Bryant 
14 Parker / Holman  09 Apr 1657Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1085 Bryant 
15 Bullard / Richards  15 Dec 1658Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F910 Bryant 
16 Bullard /   05 Feb 1659Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F660 Bryant 
17 / Craft  15 Nov 1659Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F72 L C Earle's Family 
18 / Craft  15 Nov 1659Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F626 Bryant 
19 Pond / Edwards  18 Sep 1661Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F664 Bryant 
20 Clap / Fisher  10 Nov 1662Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1804 Bryant 
21 Fisher / Woodward  11 Dec 1666Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1120 Bryant 
22 Holton / Fisher  01 Mar 1666/67Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2777 Bryant 
23 Pidge / Farrington  27 Apr 1667Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F986 Bryant 
24 Farrington / Janes  24 Sep 1677Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F988 Bryant 
25 Adams / Craft  07 Dec 1678Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F61 L C Earle's Family 
26 Adams / Craft  07 Dec 1678Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F619 Bryant 
27 Farrington / Whiting  Bef 1683Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1029 Bryant 
28 Gill / Carwithyn  31 Dec 1686Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F3063 Bryant 
29 Pond / Edwards  Bef 1689Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F663 Bryant 
30 Draper / Brackett  16 Nov 1691Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1931 Bryant 
31 Clap / Boyden  22 Dec 1697Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2675 Bryant 
32 Holbrook / Pond  14 Jun 1698Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F102 L C Earle's Family 
33 Holbrook / Pond  14 Jun 1698Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F959 Bryant 
34 Pond / Gay  11 Jan 1699Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F957 Bryant 
35 Jennery /   Abt 1709Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2405 Bryant 
36 Clap / Fisher  13 Jul 1709Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2631 Bryant 
37 Brackett / Heale  21 Jan 1712Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2587 Bryant 
38 Sanders / Gill  26 Jan 1715Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2315 Bryant 
39 / Janes  19 Apr 1725Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F997 Bryant 
40 Aldis / Hawes  15 May 1733Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1459 Bryant 
41 / Gay  05 Oct 1734Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1100 Bryant 
42 Morse / Bullard  08 Nov 1748Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F506 Bryant 
43 Thompson / Gay  30 Nov 1762Dedham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1094 Bryant 
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