Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.35888, Longitude: -71.05682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Audley, John  03 Feb 1641/42Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46437 Bryant 
2 Bliss, Elizabeth  1637Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22012 Bryant 
3 Bliss, Sarah  Abt 1635Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22010 Bryant 
4 Brackett, Hannah  Bef 04 Jan 1635Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23505 Bryant 
5 Brackett, Rachel  03 Nov 1639Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I24298 Bryant 
6 Coombs, Elizabeth  30 Nov 1652Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I44321 Bryant 
7 Copp, David  08 Dec 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68580 Bryant 
8 Copp, David  Abt 08 Mar 1663Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68581 Bryant 
9 Copp, Jonathan  23 Feb 1664Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66020 Bryant 
10 Copp, Jonathon  23 Aug 1640Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68594 Bryant 
11 Copp, Lydia  23 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68597 Bryant 
12 Copp, Naomi  05 Aug 1638Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68593 Bryant 
13 Copp, Rebecca  06 May 1641Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68595 Bryant 
14 Copp, Ruth  24 Nov 1643Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68596 Bryant 
15 Copp, Samuel  15 Apr 1671Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68586 Bryant 
16 Copp, Sarah  04 Mar 1668/69Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68584 Bryant 
17 Copp, William  14 Mar 1666/67Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68582 Bryant 
18 Devotion, John  26 Jun 1659Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16775 Bryant 
19 Gill, John  11 Jan 1656/57Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45484 Bryant 
20 Gill, Thomas  16 Sep 1666Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45581 Bryant 
21 Gill, William  15 Aug 1663Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45580 Bryant 
22 Hunter(?), Mary  09 Apr 1708Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I41166 Bryant 
23 Kelley, Duncan  1663Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I47779 Bryant 
24 Kelley, Edward  04 Nov 1664Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I47784 Bryant 
25 Maverick, Mary  Abt 1635Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16503 Bryant 
26 Odlin, Elisha  01 Jul 1640Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46515 Bryant 
27 Odlin, Hannah  09 Feb 1637/38Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46566 Bryant 
28 Odlin, Peter  02 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46516 Bryant 
29 Parkman, Deliverance  03 Aug 1651Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26605 Bryant 
30 Parkman, Nathaniel  24 Jun 1655Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26608 Bryant 
31 Penniman, Joseph Deacon  01 Aug 1639Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I12842 Bryant 
32 Phillips, Hannah  25 Nov 1654Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I12644 Bryant 
33 Ransford, Elizabeth  Abt 1680Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66261 Bryant 
34 Ransford, Jonathan  26 Jul 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I66270 Bryant 
35 Salisbury, Abigail  Abt 1660Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I58940 Bryant 
36 Salisbury, Susannah  27 Apr 1662Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I58941 Bryant 
37 Shore, Sampson Jr.  Abt 12 Feb 1644/45Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I26662 Bryant 
38 Snow, Abigail  10 Mar 1652Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15286 Bryant 
39 Snow, Hannah  16 Apr 1644Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15284 Bryant 
40 Snow, Hannah  10 Mar 1652Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I28519 Bryant 
41 Snow, Mehetabel  08 Feb 1655Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15287 Bryant 
42 Snow, Meletiah  30 Sep 1638Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14824 Bryant 
43 Snow, Samuel  Bef 06 Jun 1649Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15285 Bryant 
44 Stevens, Aaron  28 Feb 1654Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22345 Bryant 
45 Stevens, John  15 May 1648Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22342 Bryant 
46 Stevens, Jonas  27 Oct 1653Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22344 Bryant 
47 Stevens, Joseph  17 Apr 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22349 Bryant 
48 Stevens, Moses  22 Apr 1659Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22348 Bryant 
49 Stevens, Sarah  31 Aug 1657Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22347 Bryant 
50 Stevens, Sarah  08 Dec 1663Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14764 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Amy  28 Nov 1718Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68598 Bryant 
2 Frances  17 Mar 1657/58Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42380 Bryant 
3 Judith  25 Mar 1670Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68590 Bryant 
4 Blake, Annie  12 Jul 1681Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14776 Bryant 
5 Blake, John  25 Jan 1689Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14767 Bryant 
6 Breck, Daughter  1645Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14768 Bryant 
7 Bushnell, John  05 Aug 1667Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23051 Bryant 
8 Copp, Ann  23 Jun 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68592 Bryant 
9 Copp, David  22 Dec 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68580 Bryant 
10 Copp, David  20 Nov 1713Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68576 Bryant 
11 Copp, David  Jan 1719Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68581 Bryant 
12 Copp, Naomi  08 Oct 1653Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68593 Bryant 
13 Copp, Samuel  Dec 1729Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68586 Bryant 
14 Copp, William  27 Feb 1670Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68589 Bryant 
15 Copp, William  1702Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68582 Bryant 
16 Gibson, Christopher  03 Oct 1674Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I22812 Bryant 
17 Gill, John  1671Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45578 Bryant 
18 Gill, Thomas  Dec 1666Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45581 Bryant 
19 Holbrook, Susanna  Apr 1719Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I6277 Bryant 
20 Ingraham, William  04 May 1721Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I55156 Bryant 
21 Kelway, Milcah  1678Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14828 Bryant 
22 Maine, John  27 May 1699Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I32203 Bryant 
23 Maverick, Samuel  10 Mar 1663/64Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I16502 Bryant 
24 Morse, John  26 May 1657Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10200 Bryant 
25 Odlin, Elisha  13 Sep 1724Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46515 Bryant 
26 Odlin, Hannah  Est Mar 1637/38Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46566 Bryant 
27 Odlin, John  18 Dec 1685Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46513 Bryant 
28 Snow, Hannah  Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15284 Bryant 
29 Snow, Thomas  1669Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I14827 Bryant 
30 Squire, Anne  20 Dec 1662Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10565 Bryant 
31 Topliffe, Obedience  30 May 1678Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68577 Bryant 
32 Trask, Sarah  26 Dec 1696Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I17053 Bryant 
33 Weare, Elizabeth  16 Sep 1666Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45579 Bryant 
34 Weare, William  11 Feb 1658Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I45607 Bryant 
35 Wight, Elizabeth  11 Mar 1671Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I17556 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bushnell, Edmund  Apr 1636Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23049 Bryant 
2 Odlin, John  19 Dec 1685Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46513 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Copp, John  15 Jan 1673Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I68588 Bryant 
2 Odlin, John  28 Jun 1635Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46562 Bryant 
3 Parkman, Mary  24 Sep 1648Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I42168 Bryant 
4 Penniman, Lydia  22 Feb 1635Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10918 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brackett, Richard  1632Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I23503 Bryant 
2 Townsend, Martin  1664Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I25012 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thomson, John  27 Apr 1686Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I15064 Bryant 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Morse, John  18 Dec 1655Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I10200 Bryant 
2 Odlin, John  05 Mar 1685Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts I46513 Bryant 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Erickson  08 Jan 1729Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1470 Bryant 
2 / Hawkins  11 Sep 1673Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1240 Bryant 
3 Abbott / Farrington  Abt 1686Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F989 Bryant 
4 Allen / Prudden  Bef 1671Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3154 Bryant 
5 Bastard /   Abt 1672Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1860 Bryant 
6 Blake / Rockwood  13 Apr 1732Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1289 Bryant 
7 Blake / Souther  16 Aug 1654Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1006 Bryant 
8 Boyden / Phillips  03 Nov 1658Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F528 Bryant 
9 Breck / Hawkins  04 Jan 1653/54Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1231 Bryant 
10 Bumstead /   Bef 1664Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3100 Bryant 
11 Burt / Lobdell  20 Oct 1651Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3805 Bryant 
12 Bushnell /   Abt 1640Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1776 Bryant 
13 Clark / Morse  19 Oct 1727Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F517 Bryant 
14 Collins / Starkes?  Abt 1648Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3112 Bryant 
15 Darling / Rockwood  02 Jan 1688Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1474 Bryant 
16 Ellis / Hill  07 Apr 1698Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F655 Bryant 
17 Fisher / Snow  22 Mar 1658/59Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F993 Bryant 
18 Gill / Scarlet  03 May 1692Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3069 Bryant 
19 Hallowell / Blake  Bef 1679Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1014 Bryant 
20 Hamant / Clark  19 Jan 1697Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F919 Bryant 
21 Hayward / Thompson  25 Sep 1717Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1090 Bryant 
22 Hooke / Maverick  20 Sep 1660Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1221 Bryant 
23 Hull / Fernside  Sep 1673Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3135 Bryant 
24 Hutchinson / Copp  05 Jun 1707Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3922 Bryant 
25 Jarvis / Parkman  18 Sep 1661Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2238 Bryant 
26 Lane / Kelway  Abt 1649Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1182 Bryant 
27 Maverick / Wheelwright  04 Dec 1660Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1219 Bryant 
28 Odlin / Bright  Aug 1659Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3141 Bryant 
29 Palgrave / Maverick  08 Feb 1655Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1220 Bryant 
30 Parkman / Hett  Abt 1685Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2239 Bryant 
31 Phillips / Mason  Bef 1682Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F3484 Bryant 
32 Pond / Bacon  13 Dec 1717Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F954 Bryant 
33 Preble / Felt  23 Mar 1713Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2625 Bryant 
34 Sargent / Trask  12 Nov 1734Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F2221 Bryant 
35 Shaw / Souther  01 Dec 1653Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1009 Bryant 
36 Stannard / Brackett  04 Apr 1692Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1698 Bryant 
37 White / Thornton  05 Dec 1687Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F856 Bryant 
38 Wight / Thompson  15 Feb 1725Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F970 Bryant 
39 Wight / Thompson  22 Oct 1729Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F357 Bryant 
40 Wright / Kelway  1670Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1037 Bryant 
41 Wright / Snow  Bef 1671Boston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts F1116 Bryant 
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