Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.559506, Longitude: -71.269108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stearns, John Jr. Lt.  May 1654Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14056 Bryant 
2 French, Sarah  29 Oct 1671Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16489 Bryant 
3 French, Mary  03 Apr 1670Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16488 Bryant 
4 French, Hannah  25 Jan 1675/76Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I13511 Bryant 
5 French, Abigail  14 Apr 1673Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16490 Bryant 
6 Crosby, Joseph  05 Jul 1669Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16492 Bryant 
7 Brackett, Sarah  May 1674Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I43142 Bryant 
8 Brackett, Sarah  11 Dec 1667Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24305 Bryant 
9 Brackett, Samuel  04 Mar 1672/73Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24309 Bryant 
10 Brackett, Rachel  30 Sep 1669Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24306 Bryant 
11 Brackett, Mary  12 Feb 1665/66Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24304 Bryant 
12 Brackett, John  10 Dec 1680Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I30907 Bryant 
13 Brackett, John  19 Jan 1676Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I30904 Bryant 
14 Brackett, Hannah  01 Dec 1662Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I22565 Bryant 
15 Brackett, Elizabeth  07 Jun 1664Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24303 Bryant 
16 Brackett, Ebenezer  19 Oct 1677Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I30905 Bryant 
17 Brackett, Bethia  25 May 1682Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I30908 Bryant 
18 Brackett, Bathsheba  10 Mar 1671/72Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24308 Bryant 
19 Brackett, Abigail  31 Dec 1670Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24307 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Thompson, Joseph  13 Oct 1732Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25721 Bryant 
2 Stearns, John Jr. Lt.  26 Oct 1728Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14056 Bryant 
3 Stearns, John  05 Mar 1669Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12585 Bryant 
4 Rogers, Mary  16 Jun 1677Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23397 Bryant 
5 Parker, Sarah  18 Apr 1718Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25719 Bryant 
6 Mixer, Sarah  10 Jun 1656Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12586 Bryant 
7 Kingsley, Samuel  21 May 1662Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25716 Bryant 
8 Holman, Seeth  05 Aug 1695Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15083 Bryant 
9 French, William  20 Nov 1681Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I12587 Bryant 
10 French, Hannah  09 May 1674Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23388 Bryant 
11 French, Abigail  13 Apr 1674Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I16490 Bryant 
12 Crosby, Simon  22 Jan 1725Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I25472 Bryant 
13 Convers, Mary  18 Jun 1686Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23402 Bryant 
14 Coggan, Abigail  05 Apr 1662Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23391 Bryant 
15 Champney, Mary  01 Apr 1681Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23401 Bryant 
16 Burrage, Hannah  07 Jul 1667Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23395 Bryant 
17 Brackett, John  18 Mar 1687Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24297 Bryant 
18 Brackett, John  24 Jun 1676Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I30904 Bryant 
19 Brackett, Bathsheba  24 Apr 1673Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24308 Bryant 
20 Brackett, Abigail  11 Jan 1670/71Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I24307 Bryant 
21 Bigelow, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1694Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I14047 Bryant 
22 Mary  09 Jun 1709Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I23403 Bryant 
23 Elizabeth  31 Mar 1668Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts I15943 Bryant 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Rawson / Brackett  26 Oct 1700Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1929 Bryant 
2 Mixer / Lathrop  29 Jun 1687Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F837 Bryant 
3 Manning /   06 May 1673Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F999 Bryant 
4 French / Rogers  14 Jan 1667/68Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1819 Bryant 
5 French / Littlefield  16 Jan 1678Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1820 Bryant 
6 French / Lathrop  06 May 1669Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F835 Bryant 
7 French / Convers  30 Jun 1685Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1823 Bryant 
8 French / Champney  20 Sep 1665Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1822 Bryant 
9 French / Burrage  03 Jul 1662Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1818 Bryant 
10 French /   Aft 1686Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1824 Bryant 
11 Crosby / French  06 May 1691Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1217 Bryant 
12 Brackett / Waldo  04 Feb 1673Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1843 Bryant 
13 Brackett / Parker  30 Mar 1687Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1926 Bryant 
14 Brackett / Morse  31 Mar 1675Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1927 Bryant 
15 / Littlefield  02 Nov 1664Billerica, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts F1821 Bryant 
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