Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts


Tree: Bryant
City/Town : Latitude: 42.08699, Longitude: -71.47454


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Alden, Noah Jr.  04 Apr 1755Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I33376 Bryant 
2 Bates, Elizabeth  01 Dec 1722Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15703 Bryant 
3 Bates, Mary  10 Feb 1767Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I67253 Bryant 
4 Blake, Ebenezer  08 May 1772Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I20586 Bryant 
5 Capron, Charles  Oct 1716Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I19296 Bryant 
6 Capron, Leah  22 Mar 1722Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I19245 Bryant 
7 Cook, Abigail  01 Nov 1731Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15696 Bryant 
8 Cook, Abigail  20 Mar 1767Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15718 Bryant 
9 Cook, Caleb  25 Sep 1727Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15694 Bryant 
10 Cook, Daniel  12 Sep 1722Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15692 Bryant 
11 Cook, Daniel Lt.  11 Apr 1756Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15713 Bryant 
12 Cook, David Deacon  08 Nov 1751Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15711 Bryant 
13 Cook, Elias General  30 Dec 1770Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15720 Bryant 
14 Cook, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1729Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15695 Bryant 
15 Cook, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1758Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5752 Bryant 
16 Cook, Ezekial  19 Jun 1744Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15700 Bryant 
17 Cook, Jemima  16 Nov 1716Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15689 Bryant 
18 Cook, Jemima  29 Jan 1748Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15709 Bryant 
19 Cook, Johanna  14 Nov 1740Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15699 Bryant 
20 Cook, Johanna  03 Feb 1754Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15712 Bryant 
21 Cook, John  05 Aug 1749Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15710 Bryant 
22 Cook, Joseph  14 Apr 1769Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15719 Bryant 
23 Cook, Lavina  21 Dec 1760Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15715 Bryant 
24 Cook, Nathaniel  15 Sep 1718Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15690 Bryant 
25 Cook, Nicholas  07 Feb 1736Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15697 Bryant 
26 Cook, Peter  26 Aug 1720Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15691 Bryant 
27 Cook, Phebe  10 Apr 1763Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15716 Bryant 
28 Cook, Seth  27 Jan 1765Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15717 Bryant 
29 Cook, Susanna  06 Mar 1738Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15698 Bryant 
30 Cook, William  12 Dec 1724Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15693 Bryant 
31 Holbrook, Abigail  09 Jun 1776Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5785 Bryant 
32 Holbrook, Anna  29 Mar 1786Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5765 Bryant 
33 Holbrook, Caleb  01 Nov 1760Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5786 Bryant 
34 Holbrook, Calib  14 Jan 1731Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5760 Bryant 
35 Holbrook, Eliab  20 Feb 1772Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5784 Bryant 
36 Holbrook, Eliab  06 May 1784Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5766 Bryant 
37 Holbrook, Eliab Jr.  08 Oct 1817Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5783 Bryant 
38 Holbrook, Elijah  06 May 1736Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5759 Bryant 
39 Holbrook, Eliphalet Jr.  25 Oct 1725Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5755 Bryant 
40 Holbrook, Eliphalet  09 Feb 1774Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5787 Bryant 
41 Holbrook, Eliphalet  13 Apr 1782Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5767 Bryant 
42 Holbrook, Henry Ensign  27 Aug 1756Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5754 Bryant 
43 Holbrook, Henry Jr.  31 Jul 1790Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I28317 Bryant 
44 Holbrook, James Trask  25 Dec 1820Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I1672 Bryant 
45 Holbrook, Johanna  21 Jul 1738Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5761 Bryant 
46 Holbrook, Martha  11 Oct 1758Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5789 Bryant 
47 Holbrook, Mary Burdin  16 Apr 1817Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5768 Bryant 
48 Holbrook, Nathan  28 Jul 1768Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5790 Bryant 
49 Holbrook, Noah  06 Dec 1727Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5762 Bryant 
50 Holbrook, Olive  04 Apr 1755Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5791 Bryant 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Joanna  26 Apr 1777Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I40817 Bryant 
2 Aldrich, Levi  22 Dec 1795Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I26684 Bryant 
3 Allen, Elizabeth  26 Oct 1733Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I11860 Bryant 
4 Badger, Eunice  10 Mar 1818Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5764 Bryant 
5 Ballou, Hannah  Jan 1783Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15669 Bryant 
6 Ballou, Jerusha  15 Jan 1834Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15707 Bryant 
7 Bates, Elizabeth  Jul 1746Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15703 Bryant 
8 Bates, Sarah  20 Oct 1851Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5819 Bryant 
9 Capron, Leah  24 Jun 1752Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I19245 Bryant 
10 Chapin, Hannah  12 Apr 1770Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I9874 Bryant 
11 Cook, Daniel  05 Aug 1784Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15692 Bryant 
12 Cook, Daniel Lt.  12 Oct 1825Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15713 Bryant 
13 Cook, David  29 Oct 1790Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15672 Bryant 
14 Cook, David Deacon  18 Feb 1836Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15711 Bryant 
15 Cook, Elias General  02 Dec 1863Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15720 Bryant 
16 Cook, Elizabeth  02 May 1809Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5752 Bryant 
17 Cook, Ezekial  15 Jun 1821Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15700 Bryant 
18 Cook, Jemima  23 Sep 1748Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15709 Bryant 
19 Cook, Jemima  16 Oct 1815Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15689 Bryant 
20 Cook, Johanna  Mar 1750Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15699 Bryant 
21 Cook, Johanna  21 Sep 1824Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15712 Bryant 
22 Cook, John  21 Nov 1840Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15710 Bryant 
23 Cook, Joseph  26 May 1769Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15719 Bryant 
24 Cook, Lavina  29 Mar 1845Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15715 Bryant 
25 Cook, Nicholas Deacon  26 Apr 1779Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15667 Bryant 
26 Cook, Noah  29 Apr 1771Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15674 Bryant 
27 Cook, Phebe  07 Mar 1838Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15716 Bryant 
28 Cook, Seth  27 Jul 1769Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15717 Bryant 
29 Cook, Susanna  Sep 1748Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15698 Bryant 
30 Cooke, Nicholas  01 Dec 1730Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15040 Bryant 
31 Darling, Cornelius  17 Feb 1783Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I27986 Bryant 
32 Darling, Hannah  20 May 1761Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24665 Bryant 
33 Darling, John  29 May 1753Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I21804 Bryant 
34 Darling, Martha  Jan 1783Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I24669 Bryant 
35 Darling, Samuel  17 Feb 1774Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15104 Bryant 
36 Dewing, Julia  23 May 1853Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5802 Bryant 
37 Gaskill, Provided  10 Feb 1789Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15705 Bryant 
38 Gay, Sarah  06 Sep 1786Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I15106 Bryant 
39 Hill, Huldah  18 Jun 1818Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I10114 Bryant 
40 Holbrook, Calib  10 May 1757Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5760 Bryant 
41 Holbrook, Eliab  16 Oct 1775Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5784 Bryant 
42 Holbrook, Eliab Jr.  18 Oct 1897Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5783 Bryant 
43 Holbrook, Elijah  02 May 1740Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5759 Bryant 
44 Holbrook, Eliphalet  15 Oct 1775Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5787 Bryant 
45 Holbrook, Eliphalet yeoman  19 Oct 1775Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6285 Bryant 
46 Holbrook, Eliphalet Jr.  28 Apr 1776Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5755 Bryant 
47 Holbrook, Eliphalet  13 Feb 1857Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5767 Bryant 
48 Holbrook, Elone  10 Dec 1814Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I37011 Bryant 
49 Holbrook, Henry Ensign  01 Oct 1833Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I5754 Bryant 
50 Holbrook, John  11 May 1765Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts I6279 Bryant 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Thompson  11 Dec 1735Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F2324 Bryant 
2 Alden / Cook  21 Sep 1775Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1164 Bryant 
3 Cook / Ballou  10 Nov 1753Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1150 Bryant 
4 Cook / Ballou  27 Sep 1763Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1154 Bryant 
5 Cook / Gaskill  15 Sep 1753Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1151 Bryant 
6 Cook / Holbrook  18 May 1798Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1162 Bryant 
7 Cook / Legg  15 Feb 1777Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1161 Bryant 
8 Cook / Legg  22 May 1783Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1165 Bryant 
9 Cook / Rockwood  26 Nov 1778Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1160 Bryant 
10 Cook / Scott  25 Dec 1746Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F352 Bryant 
11 Cook / Sybley  15 Dec 1815Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1163 Bryant 
12 Holbrook /   25 Apr 1839Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F374 Bryant 
13 Holbrook / Badger  02 May 1816Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F354 Bryant 
14 Holbrook / Bates  26 Apr 1787Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F382 Bryant 
15 Holbrook / Bates  29 May 1793Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F379 Bryant 
16 Holbrook / Bates  21 Jan 1798Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F383 Bryant 
17 Holbrook / Cook  20 Dec 1780Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F351 Bryant 
18 Holbrook / Holbrook  06 Apr 1780Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F380 Bryant 
19 Holbrook / Morse  23 Jun 1842Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F370 Bryant 
20 Holbrook / Trask  24 Nov 1813Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F238 Bryant 
21 Lazdel / Cook  08 Oct 1778Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1166 Bryant 
22 Rockwood / Pond  18 Feb 1793Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1281 Bryant 
23 Scott / Thompson  14 Mar 1743Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1330 Bryant 
24 Thayer / Cook  23 Nov 1738Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1146 Bryant 
25 Thompson / Holbrook  18 Mar 1725Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F429 Bryant 
26 Thompson / Thayer  05 Feb 1730Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F998 Bryant 
27 Wheelock / Wight  22 May 1735Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1210 Bryant 
28 Wight / Thompson  18 Oct 1752Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F969 Bryant 
29 Wilkinson / Scott  05 Apr 1755Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1326 Bryant 

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID   Tree 
1 Aldrich / Cook  09 Nov 1747Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1152 Bryant 
2 Capron / Freeman  02 Feb 1744/45Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1399 Bryant 
3 Cook / Bates  29 Aug 1741Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1148 Bryant 
4 Scott /   10 Jul 1754Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1385 Bryant 
5 Thayer / Cook  14 Dec 1751Bellingham, Norfolk Co, Massachusetts F1153 Bryant 
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