Frederick Lubbertsen

Male Abt 1603 - Aft 1679

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  • Name  Frederick Lubbertsen 
    Born  Abt 1603  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender  Male 
    Will  22 Nov 1679 
    Died  Aft 22 Nov 1679  Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Frederick, (or "Frerick Lubbertsen," as written by himself,) b. 1609; m. 1st Styntje (???); m. 2d, Aug. 17, 1657, Tryntje Hendricks wid. of Cornelis Pietersen (Vroom). He emigrated at an early period to this country, residing at first in N. A. as early as 1639, where in 1641 he was one of the 12 men to whom the trouble with the Indians was referred. May 23, 1640, he obtained a patent for a large tract covering most of South Brooklyn; Sept. 4, 1645, he obtained a patent for another plantation in Brooklyn, to which place he removed; and was a mag. of said town from 1653 to 1655, and in 1673. Issue:--Rebecca (by 1st w.), who m. Jacob Leendertse Van der Grift; Elsje (by 2d w.), bp. July 7, 1658, in N. Y., who m. Jacob Hansen Bergen; and Aeltje, bp. July 25, 1660, who m. Cornelis Sebringh. Will da. Nov. 22, 1679, and rec. on p. 215 of Lib. 1 (of the original) of Con. Signed his name "Frerick Lubbertsen."
      !Register of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island New York

      Frederick Lubbertse, emigrated at an early period to this country, was at one period a sailor, his name appearing as a boatswain among the officers in 1638, under Kieft's administration, and d. in 1680. He m. 1st Styntie Hendricks, and m. 2d, August 17th, 1657, Tryntie Hendricks, wid. of Cornelis Peterson (Vroom.) Tryntie had by her first husband at the time of her second marriage, children, Cornelis Corssen (Vroom,) aged 12; Peter, aged 6; and Hendrick, aged 3 years. Lubbertse had 3 dau., Elsje, who m. Jacob Hansen Bergen; Rebecca, who m. Oct. 19th, 1648, Jacob Leendertse van der Grift; and Aeltje, who m. Sept. 3d, 1682, Cornelis eubering. Lubbertse resided at first in New Amsterdam, and in August, 1641, was one of the 12 men representing Manhatten, Breukelen and Pavonia, elected to suggest means to punish the Indians for a murder they had committed. April 14th, 1643, he bought of Lourens Cornelissen his house in the Smith's Valley, which on the 3d of June, 1653 he sold to Albert Cornelissen. Dec. 10, 1653, he was a representative from Brooklyn in the convention held at New Amsterdam to represent the state of the country to the authorities in Holland; and 1653. '54, '55, '64, and 1673, he was a magistrate of Brooklyn. April 17th, 1657, he was made a small Burgher of New Amsterdam. February 13th, 1660, he was assessed in said city for repairing the "Heere Graght," (canal,) owning a lot on the north side thereof; and Feb. 1st, 1662, he was a candidate for the office of Burgomaster in said city, but failed to secure an election. July 6th, 1663, he was a representative from Brooklyn in the convention called to engage the several Dutch towns to keep up an armed force for public protection. Of the children of Tryntie by her first husband, Cornelis Corssen or Corson (Vroom,) m. in 1680, Marretje Vander Grist of the village of Brookland; had sons, Jacob and Cornelius, and settled on Staten Island, where some of his descendants with the surname of Corsen now reside. He d. in 1693. Peter Corssen (Vroom,) m. Catharine ... ...., and resided in Brookland in 1689, in which year he conveyed to Dirck Janse m. he resided at the Waaleboght. Frederick Lubbertse in his will, dated Nov. 22, 1679, devised to his dau. Elsie, wife of Jacob Hansen (Bergen,) "the farm whereupon they live at present as it is at present in fence, as also the back land by the mill until the fresh meadow, and by their decease to their lawful offspring, paying unto Rebecca the aforesaid sum of 600 guilders wampum value;" to their dau. "Aeltie the farm at the water side as it is at present in fence;" "unto Peter and Hendrik Corson (Vroom,) aforesaid, each the just moiety of the piece of upland beginning from Job's land between the waggon path and meadow and its length to the water place, with this express condition that they jointly and every one alike the value of the just third part of the aforesaid land" pay to their brother Cornelius Corson, "who otherwise would have inherited therein" if he had not had land of his own.(*)

      The patent of Lubbertse by Gov. Kieft is dated May 27th, 1640, and is for land "on Long Island at Merekkawickrigh, Woortman, a small island and some meadows towards Red Hook, inside of the Graver's Kill, since known as Remsen's Island; and he also mortgaged to Thomas Lambertse land and meadows at Frederick Lubbertse's Hook in Brookland, and at the same time owned other land in the vicinity. For particulars see Lib. 1, of Con. p. 157 and 180 in Kings Co. Reg. Office, Aug. 19th, 1689 he entered into an agreement with John Marsh of East Jersey for the erection of a water mill for grinding of corn, to be located on the southeast side of the Graver's Kill, within the meadows of said Corssen and those of Cornelis Subering, (see Lib. 1, p. 271 of Con. K. Co. Reg. Office,) which was built, and in latter years known as Cornell's mill. March 28th, 1698, Peter Corsen conveyed to Cornelis Seubering for 250, his land on the Neck, called Frederick Lubbertse's Neck, bounded East by land of Jacob Hansen (Bergen.) West by the Red Hook and Koolls Keys Kill, so called, and North by the land of said Cornelis Subering, containing 100 acres, with all the meadows belonging to said land. See Lib. 2, p. 162 of do. By a bond of March 20th, 1698, it appears that Cornelis Subering bound himself to maintain Peter Corsen, and to furnish him with reasonable board, clothing, &c, suitable for a person in his station in life, or to pay the expenses of the same. (See Lib. 2, p. 164 of do.) From this it may be inferred that Peter Corssen's wife at this time was dead, and that he had no surviving children. Hendrick Corssen (Vroom,) in 1680, m. Josinie Pietersz Van Kesh of the village of Brooklyn, and settled on the Raritans, where his descendants are numerous, among whom is Gov. Vroom of New Jersey.
      ! Bergen Family genealogy:


      Not only the foregoing entry of the Orphanmasters, but the baptismal and marriage records of the Dutch Reformed Church of New Amsterdam, have revealed an intermarriage of some of the prominent families of this pioneer settlement, that is very interesting and establishes that the Corson family is descended maternally by direct descent, as well as by marriage from Fredrick Lubbertsen, one of the most influential citizens and largest landowners of New Netherlands.

      Lubbertsen had come from Amsterdam, Holland, with his daughter, Rebecca, and wife, Styntje Hendrickse, who, according to some writers, was a sister of Tryntje Hendricks. Because of the fraternization of the families of Cors Pietersen and Fredrick Lubbertsen, the compiler feels there is much to warrant this belief, although the positive proof was not found. Lubbertsen, who was born about 1603, seems to have come to New Netherlands as a sailor, as did his probable brother-in-law, Cors Pietersen. He is recorded as the chief boatswain to Director Kieft in 1638 and, probably had been a citizen of New Amsterdam several years prior to this date. In 1641, he was one of the twelve men chosen by the commonality to punish the Indians for murder, and in 1643, purchased a house with about a half acre of land in the Smits Vly, for the sum of 1,600 guilders, or about $640.00 of the present currency. One of the improvements that he made to this house was an oven, which he stipulated should be capable of baking, at one time, the equivalent in flour of a bushel and a half of grain, which indicated that he probably employed a considerable force of work-hands. He sold this house about 1657 to Jan Peeck, and removed to Breuckelen, where he took an active part in public affairs almost until his death.
      In December, 1653, he represented Breuckelen in a general convention held in New Amsterdam, and in 1653, '55, '64, and '73, was a magistrate of this town; on the 17th of April, 1657, he was created a "Small Burgher" of New Amsterdam; in February, 1662, he was an unsuccessful candidate for Burgomaster of Breuckelen, and in July, 1663, represented this town in a convention called to secure the cooperation of the Dutch towns in a system of defense.

      Lubbertsen on May 27, 1640, received a patent from the Dutch Government, for a large tract at Gouwanus on Long Island, which extended from about the foot of the present Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, nearly a mile along the shore and back from the shore an equal distance. He took up his residence on this tract after he sold his home in the Smits Vly in 1657; here he resided for many years until his death in 1680. This homestead, which was situated near the junction of the present Hoyt and Warren Streets, Brooklyn, was occupied for many years by the descendants of Lubbertsen and his second wife, Tryntje Hendrickse. His large estate on Long Island was conveyed in his will, dated November 22, 1679, to his two daughters by the second marriage: Aeltje, who, Septem- ber 3, 1682, married Cornelis Sebring; and Elsje, the wife of Jacob Hans Bergen. Their descendants are still to be found in Brooklyn. To the sons of his wife by her former marriage, he devised other lands.

      Lubbertsen's daughter, Rebecca of his first wife, and Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift, who, May 25, 1648, were witnesses when Cors Pietersen and Tryntje Hendricks baptised their daughter, Grietje, were married on July 19, 1648. They probably lived for some time in New Amsterdam, but later moved to Newtown. Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift is said to have been one of the founders of Newtown, on Long Island. The marriage of Leendertsen and Rebecca is recorded on page 581 of the Original Dutch Reformed Church records, and a copy of same appears on page 38, Vo1. 6, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, as follows:

      "July 19, 1648. Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift, j.m. (young man not before married) van Amsterdam en Rebecca Fredricks, j.d. (young maid not before married) als voren (from same place)."

      Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift and his brother, Captain Leendertsen van der Grift, had come to New Netherlands from Amsterdam, Holland, some years before the date of this marriage.

      That Jacob van der Grift and Rebecca Fredricks should, before their marriage, witness the baptism of a daughter of Cors Pietersen, and her father, Fredrick Lubbertsen and his first wife, Styntje Hendrickse, be witnesses at the baptism of the next child born to Cors Pietersen and Tryntje Hendrickse is interesting, as it signifies a very close friendship, if not relationship between the families. The children of Jacob Leendertsen van der Grift and Rebecca Fredrickse were:

      MARRITJE, baptised Aug. 29, 1649;
      CHRISTINA, .baptised Feb. 16, 1651;
      ANNA, baptlsed, Mar. 16, 1653;
      LEENDERT, baptised Dec. 19, 1655;
      NICOLAES, baptised May 5, 1658;
      FREDRICK, baptised May 22, 1661;
      RACHEL, baptised July 20, 1664;
      JOHANNES, baptised June 26, 1667.
      (Bound Vol. N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Soc., pp. 26, 29, 34, 40, 49, 61,74, & 81.)

      After Fredrick Lubbertsen had married Tryntje Hendrickse, the widow of Cors Pietersen, the date of which was between August 17 and October 13, 1657, and is recorded on page 581 of the marriage records of the Dutch Reformed Church, the three sons of Cors Pietersen, Cornelis, Pieter and Hendrick, lived with their mother and stepfather in his new home in Breuckelen. As no mention is found in the records of the daughters of Cors Pietersen, Elsje and Grietje, it may be assumed that they had died before the death of their father in 1655.

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    Father  Lubbert Albertsz,   b. Abt 1558, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1607, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother  Aeltje Jasd,   b. Abt 1563, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1607, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married  Aft 1583  Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID  F2798  Group Sheet

    Family 1  Styntje Jans Hendrickse,   b. Abt 1607, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1654, Breuckelen, New York Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married  Abt 1628  New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Rebecca Lubberts Fredrickse,   b. 15 Aug 1628, Breuckelen, New Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 1710, Bensalem, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania Find all individuals with events at this location
    Family ID  F2795  Group Sheet

    Family 2  Tryntje Hendrickse,   b. Abt 1612, Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1693, New York City, New York Co, New York Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Marriage Banns  17 Aug 1657  New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Find all individuals with events at this location  [1, 2
    • (Minutes of the Orphanmasters of New Amsterdam, 1655 to 1663) (Translated and edited under the auspices of the Committee on History and Translations of the Colonial Dames in the State of New York, by Berthold Fernow) (Vol. 1, pp. 37-41):

      "Whereas Tryntje Hendrickse, widow of Cors Pietersen, intends to become the wife of Fredrick Lubbertsen, widower of Styntje Hendrickse, and whereas said Tryntje has three infant children by Cors Pietersen, and wishes before remarriage to settle upon said children their paternal inheritance, so, that when they come of age or marry they may receive, what is due them. Therefore the Orphanmasters commission as guardians Pieter Stoughtenburgh and Jurrien Blanck, Burghers and inhabitants here, who are hereby authorized to make with said widow as guardians of the children either by inventory or appraisal of the estate, including debts and credits such an agreement on behalf of the children, as they shall deem best, subject to the approval of the Orphan's Chamber, when reported.

      Done September 16, 1657."

      'Today, the 19th of September 1657, appeared before me, Dirck van Schel1uyne, Notary Public etc. and the below named witnesses, the virtuous Tryntje Hendrickse, widow of Cors Pietersen, assisted by Fredrick Lubbertsen, her present fiance and chosen guardian, parties of the first part, and Sieur Pieter Stotltenburgh with Jurriaen Blanck, guardians of the three children of said Tryntje and Cors, who declared, after having made an estimate of the estate and considered the statement of debts and credits. as far as they, the guardians, could discover them, they had agreed with each other concerning the settlement of their paternal estate for the children as follows : First, said Tryntje Hendricks shall be held and promises honestly to bring up her said three children, named Cornelis Corssen, 12 years old, Pieter 6 years and Hendrick Corssen, 3 years, as well as she can, to have them taught reading, writing and a good trade or occupation, so that in time to come they may earn their own living, further to instruct them in the fear of the Lord and in religious exercises and to do all, a good mother is bound to do, until said children shall come of age or marry; then she is to give to each child the sum of 600 fl. in such money or pay, as then shall be current here, besides she shall then furnish to each a good parcel of clothing, six shirts, six __, six handkerchiefs, inscribing the aforesaid 1800 fl. for her sons specially upon her house and lot on the North side of Pearl Street in this city, bounded on the South by said street, on the West by lsaack Grevenlaad, on the North by Fort Amsterdam, on the East by Pieter van Couwenhoven, and generally binding her person and property, real and personal, present and future, etc. etc,

      Signed : This is + the mark of
      Tryntje Hendricks

      Carel van Brugge, testis
      Fredrick Lubbertsen
      Hans Kierstede
      Pieter Stoutenburg
      Jurnaan Blanck
      Dirck van Schelluyne, Notary Publ.

      Their joint will of 1679, proved 1693 in Kings County, NY.
     1. Elsje Fredericks,   b. Abt 1658
     2. Aeltje Lubbertsen
    Family ID  F2792  Group Sheet

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  • Sources 
    1. [S225] NGS, Quarterly, 41:10.

    2. [S328] Corson Families in America, Corson, Orville, (Author, Middletown, Ohio, 1939), 2:37.

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